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  1. I may be wrong here. But has he not involved them already, in documents relating to the ground?
  2. I' ve just emailed FB.... Following the players statement, please would it be possible to have an equally robust fans statement. I feel we need to publicly support the players as a fan base and of course bring shame on those responsible. If others feel the same perhaps they could email FB, to show they have the consensus of the fan base. If FB are unwilling and maybe unable to respond could we perhaps co ordinate a response from the message board again.
  3. Didn't struggle against Luton and they won it! Dominated Pompey for the first 45. If by a miracle we could keep this side together it would be more than competitive.
  4. I could not agree more and posted similar in a thread on notts county last week. I accept it is not a popular view and it is not likely to change. In the 30 years it has been happening I feel it has helped destroy some great and established clubs - Darlo, Halifax, Stockport, Wrexham, Chester and their replacements rarely shine. Wycombe and Burton apart, the majority maintain that feel of the non league. it is very telling that only one of the true non leaguers has made it to the second tier. I suspect both Wycombe and Burton would have been elected to the league at some point under the previous system. I know all those old clubs had other severe issues, but the safety net of regrouping would have helped. Some seem to find them cute. I get the new ground to visit, the homely less commercialised feel, but personally save it for the a cup. I find it disgusting that open terraces are allowed entry to the league. FGR is even a new ground.... It is no surprise so many lower league clubs struggle and will continue to do so, Notts County away following replaced by Salfords….. These ego / vanity projects are not helpful to lower league football, they affect livehoods IMO.
  5. Yeah and if it was automatic relegation back in the day then who knows what would happened to them. They could have faded away into non league nothing, bankrupted themselves trying to compete or as you say, bounced back eventually. Just having the safety net of being allowed to finish bottom probably saved many a club from bankruptcy and I know it is unpopular but I preferred it. Whilst I know it will never return I liked the league as a closed shop for many reasons especially the away followings. As an absolute minimum any club coming into the league should have covered terraces for away fans. It is a disgrace that Accy, Macc after decade of league football have not bothered. Instead they seem to regard it as a badge of honour, whist other clubs spend fortunes building / maintaining adequate grounds. FGR are so concerned to be sustainable, yet ignore the key point that sustainability benefits everyone. I got a cold there this season... As an aside. Rochdale applying for re -election was before my time. But I have heard / rumours that they resulted in some dark arts in order to remain a league side. Can anyone confirm or refute this? I of course find it hard to believe that those virtuous ones down the road could ever do anything wrong.....
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48170893 Some very tasty games here, especially in the Champ. I imagine WestMids police are delighted...Smethwick on Wednesday. leeds / derby has its own history. Hopefully pompey knock out maguire. They look very tough in League 2. Impossible to predict. Salford v Fylde has enough Bury interest from the Conf. Thankfully we are not involved.
  7. To Radcliffe on their promotion.
  8. I know this is an unpopular view. But I always feel sad when proper established clubs go out of the league and are replaced by nouveau riche ego driven projects like Salford, fgr or fylde. They are not even established and well supported clubs like chorley / kiddie. Since we have had automatic promotion to the non leagues so many great away days have gone along with a reduction in travelling support. Bring back notts, darlo, chester, Halifax, stockpot and anyone else. Having said that congrats to Radcliffe. if thy get in the league I may change my tune.
  9. CENSED shopkeepers and residents are calling for increased police protection from soccer hooliganism following another flare-up of post match violence. Young hooligans ran riot after the Brian Turner XI v. Manchester City testimonial match at Gigg Lane on Monday night. Shop and house windows were smashed, bricks and concrete thrown and Bury Cemetery was damaged. Some traders are so angered by the violence that they are threatening to take action themselves against the culprits. Bury Police Division has vowed they are doing everything they can to stop this kind of misbehaviour. However Superintendent H M Ball said it would require "a whole army" of officers to police on and off the ground during match times. https://www.burytimes.co.uk/news/17606823.looking-back-football-hooligans-run-riot-donkey-goes-to-school-and-town-hall-clerk-is-law-genius/ Disgracefull!!
  10. In other normal season the performances of Maynard, Murphy and Thompson would have been recognised by one of the POTS awards. What a contrast to last season...I can not remember or care who won it. Hopefully we did not bother. This season, at least 6 players deserved it. and the promotion medal was their real award.
  11. Adams as pots for me. Mayor, O'Shea have the talent and have been outstanding, but Nicky has produced above and beyond and the stats don't lie. Thompson there and there abouts, as was Murphy and Maynard. Don't how the votes will go. But as an after thought perhaps this year it should be a tam rather than individual award.
  12. If there is a grain of truth in this, and I fully expect him to leave. Then his performances and the continued punishment he has continued to take in our cause speaks volumes about his character. Others would have gone through the motions, whilst a minority would do a chrismaguire. Not DM, sending off apart, he made sure his parting gift was promotion. Good luck and thanks for the very special memories.
  13. i said steve and stewie would be pissing themselves an hour ago. Now they are guffawing. I don't expect people to forgive. The wound is too deep for some. But we need to forget because the future is the only thing that counts, unless the validation of told you so matters. Is anyone who publically called out Day willing to stand as a representative of FB. I will gladly nominate / vote for you... Actions speak louder than words.
  14. Rampant pessimism or realism? I salute you either way. We aint up till we are up..
  15. If BuryR stood for election to FB I would vote for him.
  16. I still have nightmare about that game. Sat there in an "only way is up" t shirt whilst a bunch of dicks invade the pitch and the keepers hoofing it out to waste time.
  17. Said the same about Swindon and Cambridge. Result = 6 goals conceded. We aint up till we are up.
  18. After studying the table with a calculator for the past hour. I've just nearly convinced myself it would have been better if Mansfield and mk had won, because then TRFC could not get automatic, and so would have fielded a weaker team... The closer you get the further away it feels. But we are not up till we are up.
  19. Steve and Stewart will be pissing themselves reading much of the above. Divide and rule. We are doing that ourselves. We will have more fan groups than fans shortly. It's getting all a bit too much Monty Python. This bitterness will destroy us FOR EVER if we are not careful. We need a pact of forgetting and looking to the future IMO. To those who did "everything they could". I salute you, I really sincerely do. But however good your intentions or however hard you worked....the impact was negligible - look where we are at. Special mention for those who were badly treated, verbally and physically assaulted ... .. I respect you and I am grateful. I wish I stood at your side. What more could we have done? I don't know - if I did I would have done it. Other than not give Day a penny of my money I don't think there was anything else I could do. He held the cards. We weren't in most cases willing to boycott. We "enjoyed" the ride, even if having massive doubts about the destination. I don't know many who got off the bus... As for FB. Blame must be attached. But anyone who does should question themselves first. Because you could have joined, set the agenda and used that as a mouthpiece against these 2. The fact that no one did and allowed the Anschluss is perhaps why they are weak. Time now to stick together, unite and forget the past. if we don't we will not have any future. i'm having nothing to do with a phoenix club if it beset by pettiness, recrimination from the off. If we do survive and start next season - just how good has the support been since Carlise? Lets not ruin this.
  20. If he came out and said this, whilst seeking help and being transparent on the issues such as the ground and respectful towards the staff. Then I doubt he would receive the hounding that is heading his way.
  21. The more I think the odder it gets. If we are in such desperate states why did we not offload in January? Mayor. O;Shea, Thompson, Maynard could all have been shipped out, even if on loan and saved us wages. Carefully managed we may even have received the odd fee. Instead we recruit. Monies been spent, on albeit little ideas, like free fruit, facepainting and a white post box for the players in the family stand. Community developments and the woman's team Coaches subsidised to FGR and free to Cheltenham. The appearance of everything being rosy with the Day overspend being carefully and sustainably managed. Whilst a few week ago it emerges everything is rotten to the core. The grand plan to save us in the immediate short term revolves around season ticket monies, which deadline does not end until after the court appearance. There appears no mid or long term strategy to see us through the summer. Yet help and communication are not sought. We need real answers soon. Those in positions of power and authority must not be fobbed off as we edge to the end. We also need to challenge him, if he is there tomorrow and thank you to those who have done so already. Sorry if all this has been posted already. I am trying to sort it out in my head having been away for a week.
  22. Was fist pumping and celebrating at the end. Perhaps understandable if he does look back on his time with us with mixed emotions. Scaped goat out after just arriving, then not being paid.
  23. Murphy's save and the cross bar helped.
  24. At 0 -0 I said to my mate "What's the point in crossing / high balls to Telford. He isn't going to score or win a header." One of the thousand million or so reasons I'm not a football manager. Well done and hopefully he will hit a vein or form at the right time Still our own worse enemy today with a couple of defensive catastrophe luckily not acted upon. Murphy MOM, despite Telford's goals, as he pulled off a couple of outstanding saves. The introduction of Moore changed it second half. Whilst Adams was the main man it gave them something moore to think about. Funny game football. No where near the performance levels of Carlise but 3 points and a clean sheet is all that counts. UTS
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