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  1. We are a Lg1/2 club the success of any club is largely reflected in the quality of ownership, a well run club such as Burton survive comfortably in Lg1.
  2. It's very easy to criticize the fans but answer me this. How do you get rid of a chairman that you don't want? There isn't a process! The EFL the governing body, are letting the football fans down. It's not just our club that has a chairman willing to gamble with the future of the club they represent. We as a football family have to pressurise local MP's and football authorities into action, make them earn their wages. It's a disgrace in this day and age of beaurocrats that you can't stop a person from running an established part of the community for over 100 years into oblivion and if we as supporters don't complain and pressurise the power's that be it will happen somewhere, it's a jungle and it could be you. Act now.
  3. I think it's called being a Shaker. Whether you're a supporter or a player you just have to give your all for the club. By the way the support was top drawer again on Monday as good as it gets!
  4. Our football has been outstanding at times and would have loved to see Ryan and Schuey in charge in league 1. The team structure and style would have to be adapted it would have been a good challenge for them. However all of that seems to be hyperthetical, considering our financial state. Ryan need's to be tested at a higher level, it's sad but he will have to move on.
  5. I think we would give Mr Dale a bit more consideration if he came out and gave us an explanation as to why the players and staff have not been payed. Let's have some clarity, there may be legal restrictions on what he can say, but he has to be more open than this. If you're no "patsy" Steve then step up to the plate and explain the situation. It's your job as chairman of Bury football club.
  6. I've worked in Newport n found em a friendly bunch never worked in Rochdale though.
  7. Mr Bistow has a feasible take on thing's, who knows, the truth is somewhere off the radar at the mo. It may be better for us mere mortals to simply support the team and hope the movers and shakers have our best interest at heart.
  8. Jay O'Shea for me to, a much improved player under Ryan. Scored some excellent goals, showing a good attitude and versatility.
  9. Grounshare with the dale for a season or two.
  10. It would be more just, if the football authority punished the owner's instead of the club's. Then they might behave in a responsable manner.
  11. Bank accounts can be frozen for trivial matters is not having a password, the fact that a new one is up and running is a step in the right direction. If Steve came out and gave us an Idea of the scale of the problem and how manageable it was, it would limit the amount of speculation. I know that information might deter future investment, so it's one or the other?
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