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  1. Bury v Wigan

    Hope the snack bar have stocked up with babies yed's (steak n kidney puds) and Wigan kebabs ( 6 pies on a stick)
  2. Bury v Wigan

    I remember on the way to Springfield park asking a Wiganer, how do you get to Springfield park please he answered, " mi brother teks mi.
  3. Bury v Wigan

    They've had Whelan's millions but we are Days dream believer's. Oops
  4. Bury v Wigan

    They're a town of egg kickers, 2-1 to the Mighty Shakers, King George and Nat the Shaker goal scorers.
  5. The fall of Bury FC

    Also Stockport has a big pulling area, there are no other clubs in south Manchester.
  6. The fall of Bury FC

    This doesn't tell us anything we don't already know, its a path that we've already tread, positives and negatives, call it which ever way you want but we have to put it to one side and deal with what we've got and what we can effect. We have a club to love and cherish, so lets do it.
  7. I forgot how old I was for a minute or two when I saw that.
  8. Director of football for next season

    Wonder if Stewart's going to apply?
  9. Done deal then, message boarders awayday next season Lincoln, providing we're in the same division, Keith your the entertainment manager.
  10. Watching the Shakers, that's worth£240 of anybody's 💰
  11. Ye Lincoln would be good, they're my tip for promotion so they'll definitely be in lg2 next season, maybe we could all meet up in a pub and av a bit of a jolly's.
  12. Message Boarder Death

    Very sorry to hear the news, Rest in peace hornet
  13. Today's Birthday

    Avagudun Buzz
  14. This Season

    It has been bad and for lots of reasons, the pathetic ramblings of the Geordie Lada, the disgraceful performance in the FA Cup against non league Woking at home, watching the appointment of our club legend take us to the bottom of the league without winning a league game, watching decent players stroll through games happy to have a year out of football at our expense etc etc etc. We are able to bounce back from any circumstance, after all we're the Shakers, we're the fans and most of all we want to see the players appreciate us, the effort we put in supporting them all over the country. I believe we need some stability, we have to start to have the youth players on the pitch and giving their all, give us some reason to hope, a future, something to believe in, no more soft soaping.
  15. Today's Birthday

    Happy birthday buddy