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  1. russ hamer

    Today's Birthday

    Happy birthday Spee Avagudun buddy
  2. russ hamer

    Today's Birthday

    Avagudun Jonjo, hope the Shakers help you celebrate
  3. russ hamer

    Exeter predictions.

    2-0 to the Mighty, Exeter wouldn't beat us even with Messi n Ronaldo up front. A goal a peice for me n Scales as Ryan gives the kids a game.
  4. russ hamer

    Support today

    I often think the Bury support at it's best is as good as it gets, I don't think they realise but the feel for club is up there with the best. Just saying like.
  5. russ hamer

    Joe Thompson, Rochdale

    Well done Singapore Shaker, he's a top lad Joe, he had the ability to play higher, he's good to listen to and I'm sure he will have success in his future career. A well done also to Rochdale who took good care of him.
  6. Well done young uns.
  7. russ hamer

    George Miller

    One's a Shaker the other definitely isn't
  8. russ hamer

    Today's Birthday

    Avagudun Kent
  9. russ hamer

    George Miller

    Maguire is older as well, spent a lot more time as a professional but please don't compare the two.
  10. russ hamer

    Alan Griffiths

    Nice tribute that Cornhill, RIP Alan.
  11. russ hamer


    A difficult game and we struggled to get our Mojo workin. On the bright side our latest recruits looked more than capable, I'm usually a bit wary of loan players as to how committed to the cause they actually are but they seem to have the ability. I thought Crawley did a job on us very impressed with Camara in midfield. The big disappointment was their goal, never saw any danger in the build up, we do seem to concede that type of goal far too often.
  12. russ hamer


    I'm goin 4-0 to the Mighty, with 3,677, be interesting to see the team sheet though I can see both new lads starting and goals from Maynard 2, Moore n Mayor.
  13. russ hamer

    Jordan Rossiter

    Welcome to Gigg Jordan, any links to Leonard by the way, he was Scouse wasn't he.
  14. russ hamer

    Today's Birthday

    Happy birthday James
  15. russ hamer

    Message board flag.

    Ok Andy but when people step forward and take on a responsibility they should be helped, aided, it should be easy, at the end of the day we will have a flag that remembers its origins and something we all love.