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  1. russ hamer

    Today's Birthday

    Happy birthday Shaker 90
  2. russ hamer

    whats the latest on Beckford

    He's averaged 24ish games a season over the last 7yrs, so very doubtful we'll get a full season out of him, he's a good player though.
  3. russ hamer

    Liverpool 11 at Gigg Lane 14.7.18

    This is a great coup by the club, the champions league finalists at Gigg Lane. well done to all concerned especially Ryan Lowe, I'm sure we'll see a full house here, if not Bury people then Liverpool people and people who want to see the very best players in the flesh for half the cost of a premier league game, superb, Ifor one can't wait.
  4. russ hamer

    Today's Birthdays (Belated)

    Happy birthday Shakerste, keep postin.
  5. russ hamer

    The Pitch

    Whether they got paid or they didn't get paid, one things for sure, they didn't do a very good job.
  6. russ hamer

    Today's Birthday

    Avagudun Surrey
  7. russ hamer

    Tom Hopper

    Spike worked his socks off game in and game out, in fact watching that particular Bury team was like watching Barry McQuigan box they were relentless, coming at you wave after wave, brilliant to watch your own team play with such spirit.
  8. russ hamer

    Today's Birthdays (Belated)

    Happy birthday folks
  9. russ hamer

    Season ticket 2018/19

    I paid for my ticket at 10 oclock and they had just past the 1400 mark, more than at the same time as last year, the lad on the counter said. That's pretty good after the tripe we had to endure last year. Good support, well done all you Shakers, through thin and thinner.
  10. russ hamer

    Today's Birthday

    Happy birthday young in in un
  11. russ hamer

    Predict a pre season friendly

    Real Madrid away-likely Barcelona- likely after Scales buys the club at the beginning of June and makes Pep manager
  12. russ hamer


    Congratulations Dougie, lot's of footballer's don't manage to get a professional contact. We as fans need to show patience here, these young lads are going to make mistakes and a crowd can break there confidence, they will improve and we have to give them the support that will allow them to do so.
  13. russ hamer

    Nicky Adams

    Ryan said, he wants abrasive characters in the dressing room well Nicky will give him that, a good player and a player that wants to play for us, that's refreshing after last season
  14. russ hamer

    Tom Hopper

    I would like Andy Kellet released by Wigwam, he's got good pace, something we lacked last season, an eye for goal and a local lad. Oh and his dad plays in our bowl's team.
  15. russ hamer

    First signing

    Or 10yrs youngerūü§Ē