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  1. russ hamer


    Not sure why Nicky Adams came off. He set up both our goals n then gets subbed, I know he took a knock so I presume it was an injury but we lost out threat when he went off. A good game,
  2. russ hamer

    Rumour-mill turns again

    London gets 98% of everything in the UK
  3. russ hamer

    Danny Mayor

    Danny has been a great player for us, I love to watch him play, but I prefer to see my club run responsibly, to pay their way and live within their means either with or without Danny Mayor.
  4. russ hamer

    Steve and Matt interview

    I've no doubt they have their own ideas Mike but as they said in their interview, they would love to hear of any ideas from the supporters. After all its our club!
  5. russ hamer

    Steve and Matt interview

    Matt impressed me, I believe he has the feel for the club and maybe he has sold it to Steve who knows. One thing's for sure we all have a chance to pull together now and make our club something to be proud of.
  6. russ hamer

    Rumour-mill turns again

    2-1 to the mighty, we owe em, the spirit is good, and the twelve man is with the players.
  7. russ hamer

    Oldham Athletic Away - Ticket Prices

    Got mine and was told they were selling well. I love watching us play at the moment, let's hope it continues on Saturday, they're in good form apparently so it could be a Christmas cracker.
  8. russ hamer

    Winding Up Hearing Tomorrow

    Just tuned in to see what happened to the club after the court winding up order and got a argument about Citeh n yernited, does anyone care about Bury, do we still have a club?
  9. russ hamer

    Club sold announcement Monday

    So finally we have a new guardian of our fantastic football club. I hope we will give Steve a big Bury welcome. We start with a clean slate. What struck me with Steve's introductory statement was that he wanted to involve the community and to give people a chance to better their own lives. It shows that a business man can be in control of his ego. Apparently Steve has gone through a serious illness, something which can focus the mind, so I'm optimistic at the moment. As a fan I believe we want to be told some truths at this stage, we are, as Bury supporters a resilient bunch, but we don't like to be soft soaped or kept in the dark regarding the future of our club. So if I could make an appeal to our new guardian then it would be, tell it like it is, the truth! it will bring us together. Good luck Steve in your project, I wish you well, its a tough job, but this is the best club in the whole of football, bar none.
  10. russ hamer

    Sharon Unsworth RIP

    Very surprised by this, RIP Sharon.
  11. russ hamer

    Midfield cover

    I like Barjonas too, I'm sure we could get him for longer as he's certainly improved since he came here. I'd try to make it permanent if I was Ryan. As for Clough nooooooooooo way.
  12. russ hamer


    4-0 Bury, att 3,347
  13. russ hamer

    Checkatrade trophy.

    He had a rest last season!
  14. russ hamer

    Today's Birthdays (Belated)

    Yes belated birthday greetings Andy
  15. russ hamer

    Mansfield tomorrow

    Chris Bonnington