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  1. russ hamer

    We have to talk about McFadzean

    Poor thread in my opinion Shakercoola, as has been said he's a young lad just stepped up from non league football and you expect him not to make the odd mistake. His effort is obviously there and he's learning his game, maybe a little encouragement would be more apt at this stage of his career.
  2. russ hamer

    incident in main stand

    It was very sad to witness the incident and my heart goes out to his family and friends. A special mention to the fans and the medics who fought for 25 minutes to save the mans life, no one could of tried harder. It took the edge off what was an entertaining game and put things into perspective. RIP my fellow Shaker.
  3. russ hamer

    In a week of good news.......

    Cash flow at a club in the lower leagues has to be a problem, thirty one have been satisfied and we don't know what they relate to. You won't get a straight answer from Stewart so we can only guess. How many clubs are run stringently, where the in column is greater than the out. It's a shame but a fact, every view on this topic has been given with the club's good name at heart. Let's not get distracted from supporting the team and keeping their good form, utS.
  4. russ hamer

    Carlisle Pradictions

    6-0 to the Mighty, to make up for the one I missed
  5. russ hamer

    Bury 6-0 Carlisle 1993

    My wife thought she was going into labour with my first born, it was a ploy to keep me away from Gigg as he wasn't actually born until the11th of March, I remember spending the whole afternoon in Bolton hospital listening to GMR on the headphones. The only consolation is that my son is a keen Shaker, so all has been forgiven, I think.
  6. russ hamer

    Fill the MRE

    The Manny rd end is the worst of the four stands for viewing, the bottom 10 rows are either below level or just above the level of the pitch. Interesting to see if the EFL reintroduce standing areas, maybe the Manny Rd would be the ideal option. On to the question of creating an atmosphere. Supporting a club like Bury is a passion that doesn't leave you, as the great Sage Postcorvus said supporting Bury has never been about winning, it's more than that, its about being close, involved and part of it so keep getting involved after all your a Shaker.
  7. russ hamer

    Caption Competition

    av ya seen where I've put my spliff.
  8. russ hamer

    Caption Competition

    All I said was, " when did you last bag a brace Daws"
  9. russ hamer

    Our Oldest Supporter!

    Cliff Hall who is 93ish. A Bury fan from Whitefield who still attends although not as regularly.
  10. russ hamer

    Bye Gum Byron

    Watched his 1st goal and it's a cracker he said Ryan Lowe would get the best out of him and it looks like he has, QUALITY!!!
  11. russ hamer

    Today's Birthday

    Happy birthday Alan
  12. russ hamer

    Lenny Johnrose Weekend

    Brilliant, well done to those concerned, let's come together and make it a special weekend for a Shaker who was well loved.
  13. russ hamer

    Beckford and Lavery

    Well done Postie n Edge, Me being a Luddite have just sent em a message on my tom tom's.
  14. russ hamer

    Team/Formation for Swindon?

    Same team as last week and apart from Lincoln our toughest test so far, they will be well organised and tough, I'll go 1-1 and I'll be happy with that!
  15. russ hamer

    Your 23 man Bury squad

    Ramsbottom , Parnell, Tinney AHH the first Bury team I watched, 1967, I would share your pick if I may Scales with exception of Pointer, Stokoe , McGrath n Colin Bell because I never saw them play and replace them with King Leon, Tom Lees, Keith Kennedy and Danny Wilson, I would also swap Ramsbottom for Forrest but its close.