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  1. Carrying on the way we are Im not sure Ryan will get till Christmas, he needs a few wins and quick, thats my view!
  2. Its not looking good is it??? A bit early for him to go yet but you are like me, alarm bells are very close to a full ring!!!!!
  3. I apologise, I thought you meant on here! I wasnt there and of course I cant comment on what you heard, you must appreciate whilst I may be negative at this moment, I do post positively, when I see it, alas not very often up to now. Id take scrappy 1-0 wins every time!!! Please accept my apology!
  4. Yes only if you clarify the last part of your post, where was the vitriol being spouted?? Crawley? as I said before on here, people are entitled to their opinions if you don't like it that's tough don't they pay their money?? if you don't like criticism of the team that then perhaps it is you that should stay away?? Its called having the rough with the smooth, that's the good comments with the bad!
  5. Agree, I dont think this game against Morecambe will be easy, I think after the mauling they got at Crewe they will sit in and defend, they will try to hit us on the counter I reckon but we have to start picking up 3 points, draws at home when we can't win away is worrying again dont you think?
  6. Yes I agree with you, what Im not getting on here is those individuals who have a go at some of us registering our concerns, theres nothing I would like more than to be watching us win week after week, but even now Id settle for a streaky 1-0 away win the odd week, its not much good playing end to end football and coming off worse everytime, that all Im trying to say! but yes I agree with you 100%
  7. Everybodys is entitled to their point of view wherever youve been??
  8. Yes and we have only won 1 they will probably be thinking that they can bounce back as well, don't underestimate them it would be unwise, but to be honest Id settle for a 1-0!!!!! the way things are going
  9. Well said Cheshire cat, some of us who show concerns keep getting slapped down and yes 6 games is too early but some of us are just expressing our concerns, no points away from home, just managing to beat 9 men then scraping a draw against 10 is as far as Im concerned worrying!!!!
  10. I agree wholly with you Mg75 however querty thinks we are doing great!!!!!! hes happy with where we are!!!
  11. Seriously querty look at some of the posts here now, Imnot the only one worried, get your head out of the clouds we are struggling !!!!!
  12. Probably been watching Bury for a lot longer than you, if we are better than last season that fine, we couldn't be much worse could we???
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