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  1. Tubwash

    Shamima Begum

    If she is allowed to return here is a possible conversation in the future. Little boy: Mummy where's daddy? SB: He is a hero and died a martyr and all our friends and relatives admire what he has done for us LB: Why what did he do? SB: He fought and died for our religion and when he was alive, he helped kill , rape and behead those infidels that didn't agree with our religion LB: Are these infidels in a far off country? SB No they are now next door, next street and next town since we came back here. LB: Why are we here then? SB Because we couldn't beat and kill them all in Syria and ended up short of food, water and proper hygienic conditions and so they let us come back for decent services and to help look after us and our family . They are still infidels though and our bothers and sisters have worked hard in Manchester and London to uphold the work your father did, you should be proud of him LB: I am, I want to be like him!
  2. Tubwash

    Underrated Shakers

    Kenny Clements
  3. Tubwash

    Shamima Begum

    apart from UK legal obligations I disagree with virtually all of your opinions on this matter. I am thinking of the many thousands if not millions of people suffered and suffering losses from those she has aligned with.
  4. Tubwash

    Likely needed for 3rd Place

    lets hope we are playing the Bantams next season
  5. Tubwash

    Message board flag donations

    you have done a great job E in E, when you started this I thought it would be a difficult job satisfying everybody, but its there - well done. I reckon leave it open for another week just in case there are some late donors.
  6. Tubwash

    Shamima Begum

    totally agree Ian we cannot allow back people who subscribe to terrorist views and abandon our country in favour of that. Passport should be removed and never allowed back to potentially continue their vile behaviours or even spread their beliefs. The phrase making your own bed and lying in it comes to mind. Even worse expecting the very people she sided against to pay for care etc .No thanks and I don't thinks that's unchristian its protecting the safety of our citizens IMO.
  7. Tubwash

    Morecambe Matchday

    Not scoring an own goal ,is one thing Ricky
  8. Tubwash

    Judge Dismisses windup order on Bury

    Liam,next time we ever play Sheff Utd get a £45 boardroom pass as he comes to the games you should meet him. Consider though that your life may end in superb facilities courtesy of SD1!
  9. Tubwash

    Today's Birthday

    Happy birthday, have you drawn your present from Nicky Maynard yet?!
  10. Forgive my ignorance but what difference would a blog be compared to what you put on here. I enjoy reading your analysis etc. so what would change?
  11. Tubwash


    Thanks coolcat I couldn't tell from the Video footage
  12. Tubwash


    just watched the highlights and its baffling how that ball squirmed in behind Murph- did it go through his legs, or infront/behind him? Plus who headed the ball over to Mayanard for our goal?
  13. Tubwash

    Are we a one player team??

    absolutely spot on summary.
  14. Tubwash

    Jordan Rossiter

    I was happy with Rossiters debut, perhaps go forward a bit more. I was less happy with Wharton , maybe it was first day nerves so hopefully he will get past that quickly.
  15. Tubwash


    not a fruit salad man eh nick. Anyhoo it just showed today how much Danny Mayor contributes to our game, some of the moves today with him in the team either by himself or otherwise would have resulted in goals, I am totally convinced of that. Jay O' Shea did well but its 'half a team' without Danny I reckon he is the best player in the league by a country mile!!!! i