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  1. no ,that's when fact and fiction gets mixed up, which, at times like these , seems par for the course.
  2. don't think any tickets have been sent out. I paid for mine a few weeks and its gone through as Bury fc on the statement but normally the ST doesn't come through till July/august. Can you confirm?
  3. Thanks for posting this Vinny, it speaks volumes about our players and their /the clubs plight. I am hoping to have our club to support in the future and implore Dale, as the chairman, to resolve this matter as soon as possible and communicate to all, a hopefully satisfactory outcome.
  4. pretty sure she said his daughter but could be his daughter in law- am going back to the mid nineties when I had and op there. .
  5. Brian Millers daughter was/is a nurse at Burnley general
  6. how strange ...........something is clearly ( oddly) making you laugh. I wonder if you would like it if you had nearly achieved what he did.
  7. Pellegrino linked with Plymouth now!!
  8. you genuinely part of 'us' ? Genuine question my friend!!
  9. love the junior member status Cliff
  10. FBF - Forever Beer Festival
  11. we also have a faction that would do that too Gary
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