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  1. Tubwash

    No plan B Shocking tactics

    I had a good view of goal 4 and for me it was definitely a foul on Murphy and should not have stood, the liner bottled it . That goal took the bite out of what was looking like a decent comeback .In Oldhams credit they pressed us hard and didn't give us the room to play the football we have become accustomed to in the first half. Stokes was probably our weakest link and was rightly subbed . Second half was really enjoyable till that controversial moment, then game over.
  2. Tubwash

    SOWHAT ban explanation

    Sorry John, but I think you have made a mistake.
  3. No, because you would not be even posting this without his intervention.
  4. Tubwash

    Steve and Matt interview

    just a suggestion, but one way to get school kids involved could be through a secret weapon in Bury FC armoury and that is our own Gill Neville. The mother of world famous footballing sons could inspire many youngsters through talks at schools or at the club with free tickets distributed during the sessions. They of course will need a parent to accompany. Of course it would be up to Gill but seems to me we have a hidden gem in our publicity portfolio.
  5. just watched this and listened to what was said. Gotta to say It felt genuine and heartfelt and for me engendered a trust in them guys. Down to earth honesty oozed through the interview and lets face it sorting the club in a workmanlike manner is what we need- no false promises or expectations. I for one was impressed with the measured ambition expressed. Lets hope SD gets the respect and support which he is clearly asking for because it's a two way thing and you have to admire somebody /anybody taking this on and sustaining/developing something clearly close to many peoples hearts on here. This could be our Santa in more ways than one!!
  6. ok another bit chipped in .Thanks for running this board.
  7. Tubwash

    Winding Up Hearing Tomorrow

    that's a good point.
  8. Tubwash

    Winding Up Hearing Tomorrow

    Is there not a press conference tomorrow when things will be explained in more detail? One of the things that impressed me in the club statement was that S.Dale wants a sustainable league 1 side- that's good news for our move up the table .Onwards and upwards.
  9. Tubwash

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Welcome Steve Dale, I hope you bring success and retain stability and continue with the excellent football and team spirit we are seeing at the moment . I like the sound of the community focus too , Best of luck UTS
  10. Tubwash

    Club sold announcement Monday

    that's about as patronising as it gets, you know nothing more than anyone else. I knew NN personally and am happy to believe someone with a very long standing affinity to the club ...nuff said!
  11. Tubwash

    Club sold announcement Monday

    thankfully through his intervention we have had over 5 years of following our club........... that's how I look at it anyway.
  12. Tubwash

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Sorry to be flippant this evening but if this is a small builder on Exeter Road in Dawlish I cannot take it seriously. If it is then I will definitely be very concerned for the club but I just cant believe this could be a real prospect. I await to be shocked , surprised and proved wrong.
  13. Tubwash

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Jan Window Opening is probably a supervisor on Steve Dale's double glazing team.