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  1. Who cares, just want him out asap.
  2. I would support though feel all efforts should be made for supporters to galvanise through the existing vehicle in place - Forever Bury. That said, if FB just aren't communicating, putting plans in place or do not know what they stand for, maybe it is time for a new fans group with a renewed passion to do what is best for the club.
  3. Asset stripping before the chief asset stripper came in!
  4. Get on quick, some more tickets just been released!
  5. Great positivity from the Bury supporters, hopefully get the result the first half performance deserves!
  6. What does he expect to achieve by not paying staff their wages?
  7. No matter what happens off the pitch, this group of players and management team deserve a promotion!
  8. It’ll be interesting to see if SD2 shows his face at Gigg today.
  9. Dale was told to put some money in or clear off!
  10. If anybody has one of the old V shaped badge shirt in size L that they'd possibly like sell please get in touch.
  11. That could have been written after the Bolton game at Gigg a couple of seasons back!
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