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  1. alanlondon

    DON'T PANIC!!!!

    Beckford and Telford as a starting pair sounds good to me. We'll just have to wait a while to see it happen.
  2. alanlondon

    My local paper

    Perhaps Stevenage play in store on a Saturday afternoon. Makes sure they get a crowd?
  3. alanlondon

    In a week of good news.......

    Clap clap. Thank you SOJ.
  4. alanlondon

    Fill the MRE

    No expert, but, no doubt in this day and age of elf & safety, there would be a duty of care and the club would be responsible for their safety and welfare. As a businessman I would be put off.
  5. alanlondon

    Elon Musk.

    What a twerp Musk is. Money corrupts.
  6. alanlondon

    Simon Yates

    Obviously not many cycling fans on this board. Best joke I've seen on here for donkeys.
  7. alanlondon


    Don't say that, I am feeling quite optimistic about the team this season! (ATM).
  8. alanlondon


  9. alanlondon


    Well he's not handling mine thank you very much.
  10. alanlondon

    Swindon predictions.

    For me there are two great things we now have; a squad with players who can come in and go out but still keep the same team spirit and, players who aren't afraid to shoot from close or distance. It's amazing, isn't it, that the more we shoot, the more we have on target and the more we score! Long may it continue.
  11. alanlondon

    Your 23 man Bury squad

    This would be mine. But I always had a soft spot for Tommy Claxton; mainly because he was the bandiest footballer I'd ever seen. I also fancy Alex Dawson in there somewhere; but who do I take out?
  12. alanlondon

    Cricket and Match Scheduling.

    In fact, don't make a tie out of a lost opportunity.
  13. alanlondon

    Cricket and Match Scheduling.

    Yes, I know..
  14. alanlondon

    Cricket and Match Scheduling.

    Shame we didn't restrict them to one less run...