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  1. alanlondon

    And we're off...

    Richie Wellens: Oldham Athletic sack manager after relegation from League One.
  2. alanlondon

    The Pitch

    Perhaps, as part of pre-season training, we can have last seasons duffers dig up the worst parts, dig trenches, add extra drainage, sieve the soil, compact, rake, sow seed and water for the next few weeks. May as well have something for the wages we are still spending.
  3. alanlondon

    Rot Weiss Oberhausen fans

    ...and my team won the Cup last weekend.
  4. alanlondon


    A surprisingly good announcement as well. It seems as if someone can actually write half decent prose!
  5. alanlondon

    Season ticket 2018/19

    JOOI, at what price would you not have bought? Serious question.
  6. alanlondon

    Rot Weiss Oberhausen fans

    I want to sign a warning here. My missus and I spend a lot of time in Germany and I don't want all you Brits rushing over and realising that the country and people are great. Find another team to support, possibly Scotland? Or else!
  7. alanlondon

    Flitcroft at Mansfield

    You're not awake yet are you BB?
  8. alanlondon

    Neil Danns

    Credits RL with re-igniting his career and hence his re-signing. Good start in keeping the right players.
  9. alanlondon

    Tessa Jowell.

    Tessa was my MP for many years and I can confirm she was both a lovely woman and a person who would fight injustice and give help to all her constituants no matter their political persuasion. Even being appointed a Minister and her rise to the Cabinet, she was always in her surgery, ready to help, as the elected MP. RIP Tessa.
  10. alanlondon

    Zeli released - really !!

    I stand corrected (again) ūüėĘ.
  11. alanlondon

    Zeli released - really !!

    I don't think he was even a Bury player if playing with Pope and DF being MOM.
  12. alanlondon

    Give Ryan Lowe the job

  13. alanlondon

    Ryan Lowe not the answer!

    "Ryan Lowe not the answer!" Sorry, what was the question?
  14. alanlondon

    To Curle or not to Curle

    Hope so.
  15. alanlondon

    dynamic duo

    Not on subject, but if I was you, I would change the text above the avatar.