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  1. Mango

    Forest Green away

    I wonder if all FGR's pre match music will be Robert Plant based?
  2. Mango

    Forest Green away

    Greggs do a vegan sausage roll now (although they always seem to be sold out whenever I've been).....Quorn pie, Greggs sausage roll, come on......
  3. Mango

    Clifford Bury RIP

    I heard about Clifford at the last home match and, with the assistance, from Coolcat, it was confirmed that it was the Clifford I was thinking of. I didn't know his surname. Seems he was buried last week. I used to work in a charity shop and the Rock and Clifford was a regular visitor, coming in for a chat
  4. Mango

    Remembering Our Own

    Hi Coolcat Just had a look and yes, that's him. Thanks for your help and RIP Clifford, and indeed all the other Shakers who have passed recently
  5. Mango

    Remembering Our Own

    Hi Coolcat and thanks for your help. I didn't know his surname. I used to work in one of the charity shops on The Rock and Clifford would always come in and have a chat. I'll have a look on the messageboard you have given me a link to. Thank you again
  6. Mango

    Remembering Our Own

    Cheers Stuart
  7. Mango

    Remembering Our Own

    I missed the Crewe match through illness but was told yesterday that someone I only knew of as Clifford was among the fans who had passed away in the last 12 months. I used to see him in the South Stand but would also see him around Bury. I am sure people would remember him... he had mental health issues but was a harmless soul. Does anyone know if there is a list anywhere of those deceased. Thanks
  8. Mango


    Just about getting my breath back. I really thought it was going to be "one of those days" after conceding early, missing a penalty and then equalising only to be pegged back again. And then an own goal too... What a turnaround though. The pace Telford showed for his goal was unreal. Byron Moore too made a real impact. For me though, Jay O'Shea was MoM in a game where there were a number of contenders. Could have been quite different. At 1-3 they had a couple of threatening attacks which we saw out.... Atmosphere was incredible today and it was great to see us move into second place.
  9. Mango

    Who is better?

    Telford for me too. Better first touch and low centre of gravity. Always looks a goal threat and I don't think we have seen the best of him yet.
  10. Mango

    PLAN B

    That's a good stout backline you have there......
  11. I seem to remember an incident towards the end of that game near the corner flag. Never knew what happened but one of the Grimsby players seemed really upset about something. I assumed something had been said or thrown...must have been this. Wasn't this lad involved in coin throwing several seasons back?
  12. Mango

    Murph save

    Yeah it was the winning penalty! ūüôā Can't remember the oppo but was it the Checkatrade (or whatever it was called then)?
  13. Mango

    Murph save

    Agreed. He has made saves at important times in aa number of matches. A couple near me in the South Stand don't rate him, but I think at this level he is a more than decent 'keeper. Great penalty save yesterday. Btw, regarding 'keepers who have saved pens, didn't Cam Belford save 1 or 2 (and score one as well)?
  14. Sounds great James. I got the Forgotten Fifteen and it was an excellent read so I'll try to get my hands on this too. Wishing you every success with it
  15. Mango

    Danny Maestro

    I'd agree with this. Danny has been superb this season but it does look like he is very much one of those players who thrives on confidence. know that might seem like stating the obvious but there were suggestions, true or not, that some of his absences from the team weren't physical injuries. You can see his hunger at the moment. He wants the ball and knows that the opposition are scared stiff of him. How many times in L1 did we see him go down the left, cut back inside and just play nothing balls? If he is happy and sees a rosy future for the Shakers, he might just want to keep that status quo. I hope that this is the case as it has been great watching him and the rest of the lads this season, and made attending matches enjoyable again. Just my opinions of course