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  1. Mango

    Murph save

    Yeah it was the winning penalty! 🙂 Can't remember the oppo but was it the Checkatrade (or whatever it was called then)?
  2. Mango

    Murph save

    Agreed. He has made saves at important times in aa number of matches. A couple near me in the South Stand don't rate him, but I think at this level he is a more than decent 'keeper. Great penalty save yesterday. Btw, regarding 'keepers who have saved pens, didn't Cam Belford save 1 or 2 (and score one as well)?
  3. Sounds great James. I got the Forgotten Fifteen and it was an excellent read so I'll try to get my hands on this too. Wishing you every success with it
  4. Mango

    Danny Maestro

    I'd agree with this. Danny has been superb this season but it does look like he is very much one of those players who thrives on confidence. know that might seem like stating the obvious but there were suggestions, true or not, that some of his absences from the team weren't physical injuries. You can see his hunger at the moment. He wants the ball and knows that the opposition are scared stiff of him. How many times in L1 did we see him go down the left, cut back inside and just play nothing balls? If he is happy and sees a rosy future for the Shakers, he might just want to keep that status quo. I hope that this is the case as it has been great watching him and the rest of the lads this season, and made attending matches enjoyable again. Just my opinions of course
  5. Mango

    Homeward bound

    Good to hear you are on the mend SRM and on your way home. I hope the lads' performances on the pitch will continue to aid your recuperation. Best wishes, John (Mango)
  6. Good luck with your recovery and glad the Shakers result will have put a smile on your face. Best wishes
  7. Very professional performance and good to see us putting our opponents to the sword. Dover looked a poor side generally but for the first ten minutes or so, definitely gave us something to think about. Important save from Joe Murphy on that one on one. Who knows what might have happened had Dover opened the scoring? Was glad to see Nortei Nortey make an appearance and get a good cheer :-) Don't envy the Dover fans their trip home but big respect to them for making the long journey
  8. It isn't compulsory of members of the public to wear a poppy so why should a footballer be lambasted for not wearing one. If a Bury player chose not to wear one then I wouldn't really be bothered one way or another. People should wear them because they want to wear them.
  9. Mango

    Bury v Dover

    Strongest possible team fielded for me and try to carry on the winning and goal scoring momentum. Treat Dover with the respect we would treat any other team irrespective of what division they are in.
  10. Mango

    The blaster from Danns!

    Cracking goal. Looks better everytime I see it. Would have been interesting had Telford's first minute shot gone in. Might have had the pair of them battling that one out
  11. Mango

    Shooting on sight

    Should definitely have been on there
  12. We've already seen some cracking goals this season with players shooting from outside the box. Danns' second goal yesterday looks even better on seeing it again. Another one which should be among our goals of the season along with Danny Mayor *and obviously the Maynard overhead kick). What a shame Telford's first minute strike didn't cross the line too. Deserved a goal. It's so good to see our players actually having a shot and trying to test out a keeper from long range after what seems like so many matches over the last couple of seasons where the opposition 'keeper hasn't had his gloves warmed.
  13. Mango

    Macc Town v Bury - Played for Both

    That was a weird signing. The one and only time I saw him I thought he was doing ok but if I remember rightly he was subbed and that was pretty much it
  14. Mango

    F.A. Cup Draw

    That really was an awful night. I always stay until the end of matches but when the third went in I was ready to go. Only a friend of mine, who doesn't get to many games, persuaded me to stay (and suffer to the bitter end). Never seen a crowd reaction like it but it was quite possibly one of the worst nights for me as a Bury fan
  15. Mango

    Nicky Maynard

    Thought he was excellent last night and some of the movement and touches between him and Telford made it look like they had played together for ages. Could become quite a partnership