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  1. Hopefully Crewe won't have a prayer once the Shakers get at them
  2. A rare away game for me (along with a buddy who doesn't manage to get to many games because of work). A work colleague of mine (Stockport fan) recommends The Borough Arms for anyone who likes real ale. About a 20 minute walk from the ground though.....
  3. Mango

    Ref Watch - Graham Salisbury (Crewe )

    Atmosphere could be toxic then :-0
  4. Mango

    Joe Murphy

    500 or so league matches in his career suggests that he must have been doing something right. I am sure he has had more decent games for us than not. Anyone can make a bad mistake and as a 'keeper, such mistakes will get highlighted more so.
  5. Mango

    Ref Watch -Scott Oldham (Mansfield)

    Maybe they didn't get their penalty because we should have been awarded one when Telford was brought down (if it wasn't a penalty why was Telford not booked for diving?)
  6. Mango

    Flickers back at Gigg!!!

  7. Rocket is rubbish. I bought some but after only a day it went off
  8. Very generous. A rare away match for me so I might just nip in there. Well done all concerned.
  9. Probably start with a wet lettuce....but that would just be the tip of the iceberg
  10. Mango

    Played for both (Colchester)

    Winnie was well travelled for a player from that era. Port Vale will be another fixture where his name could crop up in this category. He looks really well in the picture of him in your book. Obviously kept himself in good condition when he hung his boots up.
  11. Mango

    incident in main stand

    Very sad, RIP
  12. Mango

    Players Birthday's

    My favourite player from back then, Winston White, will be 60 next month as well
  13. Mango

    Played for Both (Carlisle H)

    Winston White
  14. Mango

    Firing Blanks

    Agree 100% re scoring from corners, and indeed set pieces generally. With Nicky Adams' deliveries there seems to be plenty of our players willing to get their heads on the end of them.