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  1. Excellent read. brought back a lot of happy memories. decided to venture into my loft space to dig out my old programmes from the period, including to my surprise, all the WWYATS i had bought. Had to laugh at the stick we gave to Elton Welsby and notlob. cant wait for your next book ps unlucky last week on pointless, I take it that was you. Just need to revise the kings and queens of England 😀
  2. Do you think if I squeeze a little be more, he may stop rabitting on about the time he played in the premiership
  3. Remember travelling to Northampton around Xmas time about 4 years ago, and Hayden white being sent off,for a stupid foul - don't think he played for us again and then have vague recollections of sodje being sent off, again just before Xmas
  4. Good business for the club, and all parties seem happy, including the player Building up quite a decent portfolio of potential income for the club - something we have never had before Stephen humphreys-fulham ( season long long Scunthorpe) jack ruddy- wolves ( was on loan at Ayr last season) matty foulds- Everton ( reg playing under 23) will ferry-Southampton ( reg playing under 18) emeka obi - initially Liverpool possible now wigan ? jacob bedeau-Aston villa ( reg playing under 18/23) george miller- Middlesbrough ( on loan bradford city) callum styles - barnsley( bury loan) just need one to succeed
  5. Just got in ground no issues using the new card - much quicker thought I would chance my luck and get a coffee with the credit already on the card coffee poured out and placed on counter for me to pay, shows them the card only to be told they havnt got the machines yet Doh !
  6. Can't agree more he also spent 40 minutes before kickoff at the Manchester road stand doing selfies with all the kids as well top guy
  7. Draw for round 6 and semi final made when we beat Birmingham, Norwich or Newcastle away next semi final over 2 legs at home first v either Plymouth Fulham spurs chelsea bring it on
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