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  1. Nice win for Macclesfield, been overdue from their recent results. I was musing about next season, if and only IF we are promoted, we'd probably be playing Bolton and Ipswich. I know we have a game in hand now, as well. A.
  2. I'll go for 1-2. HT: Stevenage 1-1 Bury FT: 1-2, Mayor for the winner.
  3. We have to score, it's written in the stars. Or something. Cheltenham haven't had a corner according to the BBC. The stats look like Cardiff vs Man. City. A reasonable analogy?
  4. Looks good. I'll go for 2-1, but a very tricky fixture.
  5. I'll go for, 6267, the checkout lady at Lidl Didl told me. She also told me that 3-5-2 isn't a good system, because it proliferates counter-attacks and offers no determinable attacking threat. Um, I just paid for my beans and chicken and left....
  6. Plenty of time to go today, but, i'm reading ahead now, but we have Oldham next. That'll be a tough game, but I can't see us losing.
  7. Yes! A goal. The live feed and stats say that Exeter have been the better side. Anyway, well done to the team!
  8. I think Exeter will score today. I'll go for 2-2. UTS!
  9. They score first, HT 1-0 Then a better second half from the team and it ends, 1-2.
  10. Half Time: 0-2 Full Time: 4-2 😎 Crowd: 3606 Sadly, we can't make it along today. Good luck to Ryan and the team!
  11. That was a cracking game, with a fair atmosphere and crowd size. The result was fair, too. Bury just kept on going, never giving up! At half-time we were discussing the merits of Lincoln, you can see why they are top of the league. We likened them to a bottom half Championship side. I didn't record a lot of video, I was enjoying the game too much. There's always a bitter aftertaste.... As we left the Main Stand, we got about 30 feet across the car park, and a group of 'fans' (team unknown, might have been Lincoln) were after a couple of other 'fans' for a scrap. The usual shouting, a short chase and the 'scuffle' disappeared into the Cemetery Road end, and out of our sight. Not what you want to see after a good game of football. I hope they ban all of them. Andy.
  12. Heart says, 3-1 Head says, 1-1 <--- i'll go for this one Crowd: 4,478 We're going this evening, flasks and pies at the ready. UTS!
  13. Whhaaattt? Excellent! If we score another, i'll be bob on with the score prediction. Well done Ryan and the team. Great stuff.
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