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  1. WalshawAndy

    FGR predictions?

    I think FGR will come straight out of the blocks. 1-0 Half-time. Ryan works his magic...Full-time 1-3.
  2. WalshawAndy


    It was a brilliant game! With a result to match. Seven goals and a massive comeback. The Main Stand was buzzing. My mate predicted at half time that we'd win it. His nickname is now Mystic Meg! As a footballing spectacle, it was a treat. This is what I recorded. Well played Ryan and the team. Credit to MK too, they were pretty good. UTS! Andy.
  3. I've a funny feeling it could be a daft game and end up 3-0 or 0-3. So, i'll go for 1-1. Going tommorrow, too. Flask, pies, Mars Bars and woolly hats at the ready. Crowd: 3560. Just out of interest, in the club shop the other week, they had a new design of bobble hat in, looked really good too. Unfortunately, I didn't have £15 on me.
  4. WalshawAndy

    Who's up for Yeovil, score prediction..

    Yeovil 1-3 Bury.
  5. WalshawAndy

    Matchday vs Crewe

    I missed the game today, due to New Year commitments, including a walk around Heaton Park. I was monitoring the score though, at one down, I was fearing the worst. But a 3-1 win sounds well deserved, the statistics were even between the teams, but I was elated with the final score. A good start to 2019!!! It was interesting to see Macclesfield doing moderately better under Sol Campbell. UTS!!
  6. WalshawAndy

    Notts County

    Bury 2-1 Notts. Crowd: 3780
  7. WalshawAndy

    Tranmere rovers Home

    I'll go for 2-2, a tough, entertaining game. Crowd 4500
  8. WalshawAndy

    Today's Birthday

    Happy birthday, hope you've had a good one!
  9. WalshawAndy

    No plan B Shocking tactics

    Thanks Tommy, I didn't realise they had commentary on. I'm listening to it now.
  10. WalshawAndy

    No plan B Shocking tactics

    It's a comeback! Come on Bury!
  11. WalshawAndy

    Commentary down!

    Aye, 3-0! I take it we aren't at the races, so far. I almost spilt my cuppa when that third goal flashed up.
  12. WalshawAndy

    Murph save

    My mate said, right before the penalty kick, "Here's where the keeper earns his wage". Well done to Joe, a good save.
  13. WalshawAndy


    I did record this, if i'm allowed to post it......
  14. WalshawAndy


    It was a good performance today, a few mistakes by Burys defence, but Exeters defence made a few too. From my general sub-professional point of view.... Murphy - great penalty save, not much to do otherwise O'Shea - great goal for our first Adams - yes, 110% every game, he makes things happen Mayor - Dancing Danny Mayor! Good stuff again Aimson - solid enough Thompson - same as Aimson I thought Exeter deserve a few plaudits, they'll have a good season. Good job I had a decent coat on, my mate took along a decent flask of coffee and Hollands Pies! Spot on. Andy.
  15. WalshawAndy


    2-0 to us. Nice goal too. It's raining moderately heavy here. Ten minutes to go