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  1. Maddentapin

    Forest Predictions

    live on GMR -- lose 10-9 on pens.
  2. Maddentapin

    Prestwich Heys--the 35 year itch!

    Good move by the BBC. Plenty of BBC staff in North Manchester area I would think, so yes a chance of it being selected! My interest in the preliminary rounds of the FA Cup started with a book by Brian James. A Jourey To Wembley, A Football Odyssey from Tividale To Wembley. 1976-77. James starts with Tividale a non league Midlands side in the preliminary round and follows them, then the team that beats them (Telford United when Geoff Hurst was in charge) and continues with Matlock Town, Carlise United who Liverpool were the victors over in the fourth round and eventually resulting in a Manchester United v Liverpool final plus the epilogue of Liverpool beating Borussia Munchengladback in the European Cup Final. It's not so much the match reports, but James goes behind the scenes with each club and the characters behind them, in the build up to the games as the competition progresses. A format that has often been copied, but never bettered IMO. Have a look on E-BAY for it.
  3. Maddentapin

    Prestwich Heys--the 35 year itch!

    Just seen your post and apologies I don't know the answer. Cries of 'Wemberley Wemberley' were audible after the 90 minutes from the home support! Prestwich won 2 -1, early goal for Heys which was quickly cancelled out and Heys went on to get a winner from a majestic header early in the 2nd half. Abbey Hey, a Division higher, threatened very little and I thought Heys did well and deserved their win. FA rules state that you can't drink alcohol outside the club house which attracted alot of 'chunnering' from one PH official! Radcliffe Boro home in the next round on the 25th August, which should attract a decent gate and will be Hey's biggest game on the Sandgate Road ground. I'm away, but get down there if you can!
  4. Maddentapin

    Tsun Dai

    Both Dai and Styles have signed for bigger clubs in higher divisions. Irrespective of fees, wage bills and putting aside what Day might or might not have said, I think they call it career progression! Best of luck to both players.
  5. The first instance took place on Monday. At 12 noon, the prisoner, the priest and the hangman made their way slowly across Douglas prison court yard to the execution apparatus at the yard's far end. It was a microclimate of wind, hail and rain which can sometimes happen on the island. The hangman is irritable, wants to be seen to get it right, in addition he's had the proverbial 'skinful' the night before. The prisoner is understably distressed and continues to protest his innocence, much to the hangman's annoyance. He asks the prisoner to be quiet and reminded him that 'it's alright for you, the priest and myself have to walk back in this weather!'
  6. Maddentapin

    Salford City

    I intend to get down to a game or two this season. I know it's early days, but 1 from 6 not a great start, and away at Sutton United on Satuday isn't an easy fixture!
  7. Maddentapin

    QPR benefit from cheating AGAIN

    Amalysis of Championship spending in The i yesterday (08.08.17). Stoke City £33.4 million balanced against £26.5 million sales. Notts Forest £24.4 million. Middlesborough £12.3 million (what price Miller making the starting 11?). West Brom £11.4 million. Leeds United £10.2 million. While clubs such as Bury's size/stature might get promotion to The Championship (as Shrewsbury very nearly did last season) the chances of staying there are very remote!
  8. Maddentapin

    EFL (goals) highlights programme.

    Thanks for the update Al- The i doesn't extend it's coverage to channel 144! It was alot easier when there were just 3 channels!
  9. I can't find this in the Tv listings. Has the programme been discontinued, or will it be back later this month?
  10. Maddentapin

    when is beckford coming back

    That settles that one then!
  11. Maddentapin

    Prestwich Heys--the 35 year itch!

    Just a reminder it's next Saturday peeps! Anyone on for a pre-match pint in The Frigate (Holts) on Thatch Leach Lane, 5 minutes walk from Besses tram stop and 2 minutes from the ground please pm me. Paradoxically, probably the nearest 'boozer' to where I live, and from memeory, I've only ever been in about twice!
  12. Maddentapin

    when is beckford coming back

    Very witty! Also ask yourself, will Beckford be able to force his way into a winning team?
  13. Maddentapin

    Boozing Bury Ace !

    Clearly following a management instruction to take 'plenty of liquid on board' in this hot weather. Will be interesting to see if the club take any internal disciplinary action!
  14. Maddentapin


    Very harsh on 'Sir Tom' who I assume you are making reference too. As for expectations, I think we'll be anything from 12th to 16th. I'll be happy to stay up and more importantly stay in business!