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  1. Ok tottyboy, I'l concede on that one! Maybe I should have said 'not fit to be selected' or words to that effect!
  2. Yes I've done a similar thing QWERTYOP, and got shouted down for it. In most work places, if you were off sick for the length of time Beckford has been out, you'd certainly be on reduced pay or quite possibly out of the door! I'ts possible and I say possible, that his reappearance v Carlise, possibly kept him on full pay, as there could be a clause in his contract that triggered a lower wage if he was out of action for a certain length of time-for the record it was around 10 months. I know I might get stick for this comment, but a part of me genuinely thinks that might have had something to do with it!
  3. Maddentapin

    Club sold announcement Monday

    GMR said announcement ref the ownership later this week. With the BREXIT fiasco, focus on the PremIERSHIP etc, if the worse happened, it would hardly be the 1st item on the 6'o clock news.
  4. Maddentapin

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Times moved on pal, and those plastic straws destroy the environment!
  5. Maddentapin

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Agree with all of that. To be honest the club selling say £2000 worth of gear in the run up to Christmas would make little difference. There are a few items in the FOREVERBURY shop £5/£10, if you are looking for a last minute 'wrap up. Regarding the social club, my mate and I have a pint and a red wine post match-red wine in a plasticbeaker is an embarrassment. By the way, has the dishwasher been approached for comment?
  6. Maddentapin

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Gives me a degree of optimism. If it was really bad news, I wouldn't be tweeting!
  7. Maddentapin

    Club sold announcement Monday

    i've had 2 lines on the Treasureline lotterey for many years and increased this to 3, having had a significant win on the last Christmas draw the club did, 2 years ago. Assuming we are still in business, it will not be an easy decision whether to hand over £156.00 at the end of the month. Given the eye watering debt, it will make hardly any difference! If we were running to a sensible budget, yeahh fine no problem.
  8. Maddentapin

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Yes excellent post, Day was told from the start that even a Bury side in the Championship wouldn't attract big crowds--look at last time we were in that league. Looking at the average home gates in the Championship, the lowest are Rotherham 9,400 and Brentford 9,900 (rounded up). No way in the world, could Bury attract those sort of gates on a regular basis. Day has consistently failed to conduct a proper recruitment exercise for the most important man at the club, the manager! This resulted in the disasterous appointments of Lee Clark and Chris Lucketti, although you'd have to say Lowe is doing a very good job IMO. Failed to make due diligince on key signings, for example Beckford, who in the previous 4 seasons had appeared in 64 out of a possible 184 league starts in the previous 4 seasons that's 35%. Add to that Dawson, Maguire, O'Connell and Edwards, who have all fallen short of what was expected and all are probably amongst the highest earners at the club. Day has possibly put the club very close to extinction, we'll never really know how close, with a tangled web of finance, that would probably take a competent accountant some time to unravel. It appears far more complex than saying, we owe a this amount, b that amount, so on and so forth. If I was Karl Evans, I'd be saying very little, he probably has a new boss, with this new regime or he might have no job (at least at Bury)! One suspects Glenn Thomas might be out of the door as well and if it happens,I can't see too many shedding tears over that departure! As for those who say well done for writing off the debt, maybe, but the debt should have never really accumulated in the first place!
  9. Maddentapin

    Sharon Unsworth RIP

    Yes, RIP.
  10. Maddentapin

    Condolences to our friends at 'Boro

    Didn't know him personally, but I have been told he bowled for Allen's Green in one of the local crown green bowling leagues, so I may have met Peter or played against him at some point! A tragic accident. Peter --RIP
  11. Maddentapin

    Chris Dunphy

    Yes a well run club. Possibly punching a little above their weight, but good luck to them, I've no axe to grind!
  12. Maddentapin

    Pete Shelley

    Yeahh sad news. Just in from Franki Valli (MEN ARENA). Good gig, although clearly very different musical genre from Pete and The Buzzcocks. Put a dampner on a good evening!
  13. Maddentapin

    F A Cup 3rd round draw, number 46!!

    All points noted. I was simply trying to make the point that it's not as bad as it could have been, we haven't't missed out on game v Premiership team, a bucketload of money and a possible Tv appearance to boot. Anyone going to Accy v Ipswich by the way?
  14. Maddentapin

    F A Cup 3rd round draw, number 46!!

    Would have been Sheffield Wednesday away! Decent day out, attendance 15,000? at reduced prices, would have made some money, but not a huge amount and would probably have gone out!
  15. Maddentapin

    F A Cup 3rd round draw, number 46!!

    Excuse me, the late Jim Bowen! Once saw Jim, Duncan Norville and Mick Miller in a gig enditled The Godfarthers Of Comedy. Very funny and put the likes of the modern day comedians such as Michael McIntyre in the shade!