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  1. Very worrying. Clearly a need for steel, especially in a conflict situation the UK could be held to ransom. I don't agree with HS2, I think rail links are adequate as they are, but if that goes ahead you'll need a heck of a lot of steel for that!
  2. May do, but he's now resigned from The Labour Party, over the way allegations (I stress the word very strongly) were handled reference sexual harassment and anti-semitism issues. I hardly think he'll form a joint alliance with Firth on Bury FC or indeed anything else. Whatever your politics, Lewis is in effect a 'one man band' so any impact on our club I would imagine be very limited. Anyone else agree/disagree let me know!
  3. James Frith MP on twitter Well done Mr.Frith for taking action and speaking to Dale. Unless I've missed something, no action taken by my MP, Mr Ivan Lewis, Bury South. Speaking to an MP and this getting very high profile,might I'm not saying will, prompt Dale into some sort of action to do something positive towards the club future.. In his previous dealings I very much doubt he has had this much opposition or objection before. Cricket update. Worcestershire lead Lancashire by 93 runs with 3 wickets remaining BBC Sport!
  4. This is the time of year footballers traditionally go on holiday. Have you ever seen a footballer on holiday asks the presenter? Shall we all en masse text in 'Chris Maguire'.
  5. Not sure how well this will be received, but here goes. Members sell unwanted items with ALL proceeds going to the staff welfare fund. I'll start the ball rolling. 4 Rothmans Football Yearbooks. 1980/81 1981/2 1982/3 and 1983/4. 4 for £15.00. If this contravenes any kind of sales legislation or something similar please let me know!
  6. Yeahh realistically you'd have to be at least 'Inter-City' age. InterCity 125 Train engine Description The InterCity 125 is a diesel-powered passenger train built by British Rail Engineering Limited between 1975 and 1982.
  7. Sent 6/7am this morning. 'Please mention as much as you can, Bury's record 6-0 was equalled. Bury subject to a winding up order and we need all the publicity we can get! Phil, Prestwich. My City mate, who goes everywhere and who is on his way back has texted to say 'Talksport says 'City & Bury getting mentioned on Talksport for their 6-0's.' Well done Talksport . The 1903 team v this City side, compare and contrast.
  8. You took the bait there Heap Bridge White! Right only one thing for it Stay in business, get to Wembley and win the F A Cup 7-0 next season!
  9. Presumably to players who signed this season only! Probably not alot in the overall scheme of things.
  10. I texted a couple of City mates at half time; Oooi stay off our 6!
  11. Marsden Manor, Macclesfield Road, Prestbury, Macclesfield, United Kingdom, SK10 4BH Kieron Richardson's, ex Manchester United, old rented gaffe I was told last night. Googling the address and Dale is/was involved with Terrapin Limited, a Timpereley based building company involved in the development of building contracts, and presumably how he knows Day. Incidentally I bet SD1 is loving this and it wouldn't surprise me if he's 'called in a favour' from Dale. Don't forget SD1 got us in this mess in the first place and SD2 is taking all the flak.
  12. See Ed Woodward is on top EUFA committee. Sub plot to get Manure in the Champions League!
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