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  1. Maddentapin

    The latest royal wedding.

    Disappointed we didn't get a day's holiday,
  2. Maddentapin

    More Notlob trouble

    Look forward to your report. To be fair the 'pubs' are a dying out genrally, far cheaper to get your alchohol of choice, Dvd and a pizza in. Pub in Prestwich used to be very busy Friday/Saturday, last Friday 11pm, there were probably a couple of dozen in at best!
  3. Maddentapin

    More Notlob trouble

    I heard simewhere, on GMR I think that an 'agreement had been reached!' branding, sales and marketing footprint” I kind of get branding and sales, but marketing footprint is a whole load of baloney to me. Front Row Marketing, a Philadelphia-based sports. Are there no marketing firms closer to home, sounds like an excuse for business trips (substitute the word jollies) to The States. Any excuse to get out of Bolton--ehh!
  4. Maddentapin

    Pic of the day

    Maybe Danny is colour blind!
  5. Maddentapin

    Joe Murphy

    Watched it several times and Rose probably gave him a nudge, nothing more! Remininscent of Sodje at Stockport several years ago! Hopefully Murphy will learn from this as suggested above and keeper's errors are always highlighted. Credit to Rose for not celebrating the goal, showed real dignity IMO.
  6. Maddentapin

    Flickers back at Gigg!!!

    I think it will be a difficult game today. Got us promoted, supposedly with ample resources and kept us in the 3rd tier for a season, including the very memorable 3-1 win at Bramhall Lane. Managers with the exception of Tisdale (Exeter City) have a shelf life at this level, and he had reached the end of the road at Bury. I'll see him as just another opposition manager.
  7. Maddentapin

    Don't adjust your radio!

    Just listened. No mention of 'what are you doing now and why did it all go wrong at Bury.' Just talked about Newcastle United, using the collective pronoun 'we' clear where his loyalties lie! I mutlitasked by completing the i codeword, pm if you are struggling!
  8. Lee Clarke on TalkSport before 11am (06.10.18) Billed as talking about Newcastle United. 1089 mw.
  9. Manchester United have been hit by two UEFA charges after turning up late to Old Trafford ahead of Tuesday's Champions League encounter with Valencia. (rte news other websites available).
  10. Maddentapin

    Northampton (A)

    A decent point and well done to all those that travelled! Appeared an even game based on the BBC stats as said in an earlier post. Perhaps their new manager came a game too early. The table suggests alot of sides of similar ability with only 5 points seperating 13 clubs. Saturday won't be easy with Flitcroft, Futcher, Mellis and Rose returning.
  11. Maddentapin

    Northampton sack their manager

    Might want to prove something to S Day, as he was supposedly very close to getting the Bury job. Let's hope it's a mess that needs more than one game to sort out!
  12. Maddentapin


    My thoughts too Alan.
  13. Maddentapin


    Good win, well done Bury!
  14. Maddentapin


    Excellent article on this in today's i (29.09.18) by Janet Street Porter. To summarise, 'if you're rich and famous' you'll avoid justice. Go out and buy a copy, only a £1.00, you'll be getting a top quality newspaper too!
  15. Maddentapin


    It's like your 'ordinary Joe' spending say £100/£200 on something, which isn't regular expenditure. I know everyone's circumstances are different, but thousands for Beckham, won't 'touch the sides' with his supposed wealth of $450 million- based on a quick internet search. As for the 'negative publicity' there seems to be the school of thought that there's no such thing as bad publicity.