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  1. Maddentapin

    Likely needed for 3rd Place

    The late Rodney Bewes was happy to do more episodes, James Bolam wasn't!,
  2. Maddentapin

    Paul Scholes.

    Yes a result that won't have gone un-noticed in Macclesfield! Really hope they stay up having resurrected Cameron's career!i
  3. Maddentapin

    2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad.

    Carlisle and Forest Green Rovers lose. Late winner for MKD at Newport. Four games next Tuesday 19th, Lincoln v Exeter on 26th, and a game in hand for Newport (in cup action this weekend) should even up the games played column. Credit to the league too, think there is a directive to get all outstanding games played asap!
  4. Maddentapin

    Paul Scholes.

    That's interesting to note Mike, does that include loan deals too? One more point Scholes has always shied away from publicity, so may not be comfortable with daily press briefings and after match comments.
  5. Maddentapin

    Paul Scholes.

    It's not really an issue yet. Oldham won't go down. Scholes will fire OA up for a few games, hopefully not against us, but I think might struggle once the honeymoon period is over. Will probably get frustrated, as many successful players have before him,recognised that players have nowhere near the ability they possessed! OAFC page on the BBC web page, the so called class of 92 managerial record and ther is nothing in there that is particularly stand out quality. Salford are 4 points off top spot, with just 2 points from the last 9, but you would imagine they will be in the play offs. Not a shoe in for promotion!
  6. Yes again an excellent book. How are the sales going James? Would it be worth getting a couple to either 5LIVE or TALKSPORT to get some wider publicity?
  7. Maddentapin

    Morecambe Away - Travel & Beer Tips

    All over 5live this morning (other Radio stations available). Northern MD has said that putting everything in place for Saturday, 2 days notice, is a logistical nightmare or words to that affect!
  8. Maddentapin


    It's difficult not to listen to Bernie at times!😀
  9. Maddentapin


    A draw was a fair result, but we really should have won having gone ahead with 7 minutes to go. Maybe we'd have been better getting a local ref in Friday lunchtime and calling it off, especially knowing DM was ill! I understand though that you have to pay the oppositions travel costs if you call it off shortly before kick off. Didn't hear any half time announcements, anyone have the Golden Gamble result?
  10. Maddentapin

    Jordan Rossiter

    Delighted to hear he's got 2 feet! Welcome to Gigg Jordan hope it's a good move for all parties.
  11. Maddentapin

    Our FA Cup Final Record

    Agreed! The obvious winner of the cup is City,United. or Chelsea, and one of those will be out as the latter two play each other.. City could have the European Cup Final on their minds, and there is an outside chance United might and Chelsea could have the Europa League to think about.
  12. Thoroughly enjoying it and started the book with the back end of the Championship season. Detailed analysis of Brentford away, my greatest ever game watching Bury. From the far end, I can still see the ball now (Daw's chip) sailing over the Bee's keepers head and the growing realisation that the ball was going into the net. Cue absolute pandemonium in the away end! Nearly as good, not quite, was an away Sem Final in the 90's at Worcster watching Lanci. Lanci were on the rack and out of the game, prior to Akram and Hegg coming to the crease, and proceeded to smash the ball to all corners of the ground!. The platform for a thrilling win. Continuous singing of 'Walking in a Wasim Wonderland' on the coach on the way home.
  13. Maddentapin

    FGR v Mansfield

    Well they both can't win! 16 games to go, it's a tadge early too be worrying too much about the outcome of this one IMO. It is good to see the games played levelling up though, and stop thinking X and Y don't have a game(s) in hand!
  14. Maddentapin

    Transfer window shuts this week

    It's all gone very quiet on that front, especially Dawson/Edwards to Salford rumour. I'm happy to pay the bus fare if it assists matters!
  15. Just cheked the fixtures. Prior you our game, the Fratton Park outfit have seven games, including Southend/Plymouth, away (league) and QPR away in an FA Cup Replay. If they win at QPR, the 5th round is scheduled for weekend of 16th Feb. We have 4 including a long trip to Exeter.. This gives us plenty of opportunity to have them watched, and it might be quiet a tired Portsmouth side, having made another long journey, that trots out at Gigg on Feb 26th.