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  1. Bishop's chip for our second goal was a beauty.
  2. Good post. Who remembers us beating Stockport County around mid December 2006 to move up to 8th in the league table 2 table? Things seemed to be looking up at last, we had a nice mix of youth and experience, we had two very good strikers in Bishop and Hurst and we had a winnable FA Cup 3rd round tie to look forward to at Gigg Lane. Fast forward three months and it was as though we'd fallen asleep and reawoken in the midst of a nightmare. In more recent times there has been the opening few months of 15/16 and then the September of 2017 that has given us false hope.
  3. Barry P

    1,000 to Port Vale

    Considering they are in the midst of an ongoing slump that has lasted years I would say 4000 home fans is pretty good. I am undecided on Port Vale but I would wager we will have 6/700 at VP, maybe closer to a thousand at Macclesfield, results pending of course.
  4. Barry P

    Bury V Crewe matchday

    I can assure it was water, I am not that cruel. I'd call it Karma for those videos on the train from Manchester. 😂
  5. Barry P

    Bury V Crewe matchday

    Our missed chances in the second half probably matched your double jagers, still the pint of water I got for you looked incredibly refreshing. 😂
  6. Barry P

    Bury V Crewe matchday

    All I'll say is, that second half was a joy to watch. What we'd have given last season for that kind of performance from the players. A tiny bit disappointed that we didn't get a deserved second but we played some great stuff and did everything but score again after equalising.
  7. Barry P

    Danny Rose

    My mistake it was a chap called Delfouneso on loan from Blackburn. He was as crap as Duffus though.
  8. Barry P

    Danny Rose

    I seem to remember him being frozen out completely. We had some rubbish lump on loan from Everton playing instead.
  9. Barry P

    "There or Thereabouts"

    The only healthy budget will be for players left over from last season, but our signings this summer were all released by league two clubs or signed from none league off the top of my head. Maynard was unattached when we signed him in September, and is only on a four month contract.
  10. Barry P

    Crewe Alexandra v Bury predictions

    I will be very surprised if it is less than 700 on Saturday.
  11. Barry P

    Crewe Alexandra v Bury predictions

    It didn't effect Grimsby's numbers coming to Bury.
  12. Well I wasn't sure, but now I am defo on the 11:55 one, not cos I dislike carnage more just to avoid talking about Peaky Blinders. Unspecified carnage can take place in the pub. :-)
  13. Barry P

    Crewe away 1994

    That is one hell of a picture
  14. Barry P

    Crewe away 1994

    The FA Cup win has to top the 4-2 for me. We started 1994/95 season very well, but had lost our way come early December and dropped out of the top 2 if my memory serves, injuries to our strikers being a key reason behind this. Crewe were a higher division and near the top so it must have seemed a mammoth task to even get a replay when they went 1-0 up. They also missed a golden opportunity at 1-0 in the second half to net a second thanks to some excellent goalkeeping from Lee Bracey. Lenny Johnrose's headed equaliser was like a flying bullet and I'd have wagered that even then, many Bury fans in attendance would have settled for a replay. I was following the vidiprinter, full time scores were coming through and then I saw Crewe 1........flash across the screen. This was followed by .....Bury 2 (Rigby 90). Oh how me and my brother celebrated. It was a great moment as a young fan, knowing we'd come from behind to beat higher league opposition and made it to the third round of the FA Cup. Might be wrong here but Dario may have been making more bitter comments after this game as well. Seeing Rigby swamped by Bury fans on that terrace must have made him very angry.
  15. Barry P

    Crewe v Bury - Played for Both

    God awful in his second spell. I know he scored it, but my word that penalty at Spotland on Good Friday 2003 was utterly diabolical. 😂