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  1. Barry P

    Barjonas Signs on Loan

    I take it you are referring to 'wee Sam' 😂
  2. Barry P

    Barjonas Signs on Loan

    Indeed, but I like to think that we don't employ the kind of managers these days who sign players without watching them as Flitcroft did then.
  3. Barry P

    Barjonas Signs on Loan

    Or dare we say it, the same Bury manager!
  4. Barry P

    Hard luck tonight..

    Two mates who went were gutted we didn't see the game out as they said our performance merited a win. They then had to sprint to get the last train back and only just managed it. A good job the shootout ended when it did for them. Onwards to Saturday, hopefully the performance gives the players a boost. I'll be much happier with three on Saturday than I would a win tonight.
  5. Barry P

    Nottm F

    Oh now you are just showing off....😂
  6. Barry P

    Nottm F

    I reckon the rules should be grounds visited watching a competitive game of football, so a league or cup game. Hands up who has Weymouth? Up until last season I had never visited Ewood Park to watch Bury, but had visited the ground to watch Blackburn vs United with my United supporting Uncle and again to watch Blackburn vs Arsenal with the Arsenal supporting in-laws. I still always counted the ground even though it wasn't visited as a Bury fan. Same for the KC and the Britannia. Visited both with City supporting friends and always counted them. Don't worry, none of the said games ever clashed with Bury fixtures.
  7. Barry P

    Connor Ripley

    I think he started well during our mini revival and he was head and shoulders above the awful Fasan. But like most of the team he just petered out after that Oldham game.
  8. Barry P

    Nottm F

    Gazza was in excellent form that day. The Forest game at the City ground was 0-0 at HT as I recall.
  9. Barry P

    Tsun Dai

    You know what I mean. Day listed a tonne of facts about his mate at Huddersfield, problem is none of them were true. Anyway as Exiled says, it is swinging off topic so I will leave my Day bashing there for now.
  10. Barry P

    Tsun Dai

    Day did also spin a very tall, far fetched tale about Hoyle at Huddersfield, something nobody questioned him on. Not the first time he has used fictional facts about the club he claims to support to convey his points.
  11. Barry P

    Tsun Dai

    FWIW for all that I am sad by the Styles sale, I don't hold anything against the club for selling him, and certainly don't class this as Day breaking a promise, though I am skeptical of seeing Cooney, Shotton & co regularly around the team this season. However the above is a perfect example of our chairman being dishonest with us. There never has been any plans to build on the site of the SC. That as far as I am aware is a fact. I am happy to be proved wrong on the matter though. There have been many other such cases similar to the above where I believe Day comes out with things to please the crowd and to make it look like the club has some form of plan to create income to even out our ridiculous losses.
  12. Barry P

    Tsun Dai

    Fair point, I really enjoyed my time in the family friendly bistro pub on Saturday that now stands on the site of the old social club. I believe planning began in March and it was (remarkably) built over pre season. I can't wait to see that new stadium when it is built, apparently our very existence and future relies on it.
  13. Barry P

    Tsun Dai

    I am choosing to believe that Captain Smith, fantastically played by Bernard Hill in the truly realistic love story, Titanic, said little aside from 'I believe you may get your headlines Mr Ismay.' Sorry has no relevance I know, but I wanted an excuse to quote that epic line.
  14. Barry P


  15. Barry P

    Tom Aldred

    Is this comment based on inside knowledge or are you just guessing?