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  1. Ryan Lowe managerial stats

    Ahhh one could not help but think of Gene Hackman's first scene in the film 'Mississippi Burning.' Perhaps replace the KKK references in there to King Kev.
  2. Barry Bennell.

    No surprise there. The other tragedy in all this is that he will probably die in a few years without serving much time, (he doesn't seem to be in good health). All this after living the high life for however many years, whilst destroying the lives of so many others.
  3. Ryan Lowe managerial stats

    It is best to mark all Bury managers against the record of KK.
  4. The day of misery and impending gloom

    His opening eight games saw one defeat and that was a game that we dominated.
  5. The day of love and happiness

    Still narcs me that I didn't get to either game
  6. Rochdale's pitch...

    There would be a 38 page thread on their MB discussing and mocking our situation if roles were reversed.
  7. 72 points wasted

    You'd imagine that if we were to muster seven wins that our GD would improve.
  8. Ryan Lowe managerial stats

    That run includes FA cup games, if we just include the league it is 4 wins out of nine which puts his win ratio at 44.444444444% a slightly better win ratio than King Kev.
  9. Rochdale's pitch...

    Father in law was ranting the exact same point to me on Saturday.
  10. Rochdale's pitch...

    Is that the one where Gillingham were cheated by a truly corrupt bit of officiating ?
  11. Bury FC vs Southend United

    Mixture of positives and negatives last night - Positives = a clean sheet, five unbeaten, excellent defensively against a decent side (IMO), Lowe showed that he is willing to shake things up tactically with his subs, a good performance from Ripley, we are no longer bottom and lastly I think that everyone agrees that we'd have lost that game a month ago. Negatives - Just when the squad is feeling balanced we lose Mayor and Danns. Our midfield was none existent, we were second best for the majority of the evening, Dawson just doesn't look fit, we created little, we remain a good ten points from safety and that is with a bloody tough game to come next Monday. Personally I feel frustrated by last night, (I haven't witnessed a win since Bradford), I was hoping for a more dominant performance. However, all things considered I think it should be seen as a battling point. A man stranded in the desert must not turn away a few drops of water. A defeat would have deflated the team and fans. But we move on, one game at a time. Look at Blackpool's result at Wigan, there is no reason why we can't get something at Ewood Park IMO. UTS
  12. Andy Bishop

    Oh aye, persistence to charge down Gilks saw him bag the opening goal in our first victory over Dale at Gigg Lane in yonks. Then there was the second goal at Notts County on the season's final day and of course, the following season a similar goal to that one against Dale when we won at Walsall. A huge, huge goal that was.
  13. IT'S ON!!

    Best side at this level since erm....Wigan Athletic 2002/2003, now that was some team.
  14. Continue as you are

    Good point, but after witnessing the utter abject, lifeless dross for the majority of the season one can't be blamed for getting excited over a few decent results.
  15. Andy Bishop

    An odd comparison. Anyway regardless your point still holds. When Bish arrived we hadn't had a proper goalscorer, ie 15+ goals a season since Mark Carter. He was a breath of fresh air, a battler and a grafter. Not only did he score goals but his work rate would normally contribute to them as well. He had flair, class and could finish. He also had the ability to be anonymous and then just pop up to knock in crucial goals. Sadly I wasn't at Boston in 2007 but it is one away day I really wish I had managed to get to. But Bish probably banged in his most crucial goal for us that day. I think he managed 18 goals in all comps in 2006/2007, despite us finishing 21st. 25 goals in all comps in 2007/2008 (19 in the league, many after Knill's arrival and his goals no doubt had a massive say in our end of season revival.) 17 goals in 2008/2009 despite carrying an injury. (We'd have gone up most likely if he had remained fully fit all season.) Granted his injuries took their toll after that but he was a great servant for the club who left many fond memories. And, as a whole his first two years at Bury provided a lot of positivity and a fair few bright spots despite there not being much to be positive about.