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  1. Correct. Shame I was looking forward to Rammy's reply. 😂
  2. Wow, you couldn't have asked for a slimier looking photo. 😂 What was the story involving him and a former board member?
  3. Which one was Ian Kendall? There were that many phoney, stupid appointments made to make us look 'more professional,' 😂 that I actually lost track of who was who. Was it Kendall who did the presentation at the forum in 2016?
  4. He'd probably serve me a cup of tea in a dusty, bruised china cup and then blame the previous home owners. 'In three minutes time we will have chocolate hobnobs, it is going to happen, I like to be efficient and an amazing host to my guests.' Ten minutes later, not even a sign of a digestive as I cut my lip on the dinted cup. 'Mr Day, can I have that hobnob now?' 'Sorry, the chocolate hobnobs have been shelved. However my wife is about to begin work on changing the digestives into chocolate digestives. She will melt Belgian milk chocolate on them, leave them to set and they will be the greatest biscuits you've ever had. With me it is all about being a great host (which I am) and providing the guests with first rate refreshments.' 'Mr Day, I just want a bleeding biscuit.'
  5. Been very worried now since this all kicked off, that won't change unless we get an official confirmation of it happening. That said I am not expecting an update from the club before that.
  6. Wouldn't look out of place in a DC comic, Batman's gallery of criminals.
  7. It made me feel marginally better as I killed time before 4pm.
  8. Even when I think of the ridiculous player wage bill we had, and I don't doubt it was massive, but I can't help wondering how much of our massive losses went on Day and Thomas's salaries.
  9. Kind of baffles me that on his way out and whilst selling us down the river, Day still insisted on going on the radio and congratulating himself on the job he did as chairman. 'Left Bury in a stronger position....' 😂
  10. I have absolutely no idea what her role at the club was. Having said that I am sure I could say it for all of them.
  11. Yeah that article says nothing really bar quoting what the Sun is reporting.
  12. Gk. Kiely Lb. Armstrong Cb. Butler Cb. Lucketti Rb. West Lm. Mayor Cm. Johnrose Cm. Schumacher Rm. Rigby Cf. Vaughan Cf. Carter
  13. No, that was the chairman sprinting to the corner flags to save them from being repossessed.
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