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  1. Just to remind you, a chap did stand up and try and argue. Well, he actually was pulling Day on his lie about saving the club from certain doom, and 'no other interested parties,' (the same lie that many Day sympathisers on here are STILL clinging to, despite it being proven as factually incorrect.) Said gentleman was aggressively shouted down and threatened. Even something like an open fans forum Day was able and willing to manipulate with his utter propoganda and BS.
  2. Barry P

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Many clubs manage it, bigger and smaller clubs than Bury.
  3. Did you recognise the people who did it?
  4. Barry P

    Oldham Fan Here In Peace

    We rarely sell tickets in advance for this fixture, I wager a fair number will simply POTD.
  5. Barry P

    Danny Mayor

    Or he is just making it clear that we aren't going to be offering tonnes of money to even our star playing, allaying fan fears of us committing to players long term on big wages.
  6. Barry P

    Club shop, serious question.

    Obscure British seaside locations.
  7. Barry P

    Club shop, serious question.

    Regarding the club shop and emails to Karl Evans on the subject, yes, sadly I am a tad limited beyond that.
  8. Barry P

    Club sold announcement Monday

    Considering what happened with our last knight in shining armour I would wager alot of us are wary.
  9. Pathetic, how dare you disrespect the world's greatest pub.
  10. Come to Midd post match, the Roebuck is the place of dreams.
  11. I will wager a fair number will still just POTD.
  12. Barry P

    Club shop, serious question.

    That was from Karl Evans, hope this helps.
  13. Barry P

    Club shop, serious question.

    We put out numerous messages that the Club Shop is only open on Match days or on announced one-offs which obviously needs to be more prominent on our web site so apologies if your family have had wasted visits however our ticket staff will always pop in and acquire the products that fans want if they turn up when the shop is shut.
  14. Barry P

    RUN OUT TO THIS.......

    Gary Oldman seems to have become more of a good guy in cinema these later years. Especially appearing as Jim Gordon in the DK trilogy. But oh my days, his true calling in life was playing a nutter. Forget his turn in Leon, or the sadistic Mason Verger in Hannibal, his all time greatest psycho performance was in the firm. Love the fact Jim Mcdonald is in it as well.