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  1. I bet well over 5,000 of the 6,000 know nothing about this 'BoB campaign'. Even myself I am not too sure what it involves and I actually use this board. A campaign like this needed leaflets given out on the turnstiles with clear information and structure. I have contributed hundreds of pounds to previous schemes but they were well publicised. No campaign on a messageboard which a lot of people won't use due to a 'clique' as previously mentioned is going to succeed. I know of several people who used to be regular viewers (if not users) that don't bother anymore due to not being that 'friendly' to anyone who disagrees with the usual 'group'. The usual suspects will disagree with this comment but a lot will secretly agree. Therefore these ex-users for want of a better word will never give money to people on this board. On the other hand if it was a well publicised campaign across various social media and official outlets then that would be a different matter. Finally, I have now also become disillusioned with the same old ridiculous banter between the same people so I this will also be my final post. Good luck with the campaign but like RickM said - count me out.
  2. I am sure that if there was even a remote chance of the club being in danger then FB would be extremely active.
  3. new owners are trying to be in by the court date and if not we will get an adjournment.
  4. For anyone doubting new owners are coming in then why have we not released the retained list like most other clubs yet ?
  5. The club is not going to close for 3 days just because some film crew are storing their vans on the car park.
  6. agreed - but like I said previously I am fairly certain if the rumours are true about being 2 interested parties looking around - one of them will not be buying us and may want to keep their identity secret.
  7. Just a tongue in cheek remark. Not really guessing, I have heard from more than one source about the correct reason for closure which far outweighs the small amount of season ticket sales in the next 3 days.
  8. Typical Bury fans - allegedly 2 new owners trying to save us and we are moaning about the number of days they want to look around !!!
  9. Allegedly 2 potential owners so probably keeping them apart over a space of 3 days
  10. I am guessing the potential new owner(s) do not want anyone around in case they back out of a deal and the negative publicity they may get if recognised
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