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  1. mymansoares

    1,000 to Port Vale

    been to Vale numerous times - seen quite a bit of bother, but usually between both sets of idiots.....doubt we will get as many as Crewe due to being more difficult to get to on the train.
  2. mymansoares

    Bury V Crewe matchday

    Left right on final whistle as had to get home sharpish but heard some booing from inside the ground - possibly from Crewe fans booing Lowe ? Anyone else hear it ?
  3. mymansoares

    Northampton (A)

    just home - to sum up in one sentence - first 10 minutes we were brilliant - then they dragged us down to their level. Awful game to watch after that.
  4. mymansoares


    pretty sure I am on that picture also, I was certainly at the game and on the coach, which we all seem to be waiting for. Not going tomorrow as I went last time we played there and vowed never to go again unless there was something on the game. Bloody awful ground.
  5. mymansoares

    Morecambe (H)

    disagree - thought he was on it from the start today and especially at Crawley when he came on. Was stood with a couple of neutrals at Crawley and they remarked he was way too good for this league. If we can get a full 90 mins out of him he will be worth a few extra points.
  6. mymansoares

    Morecambe (H)

    Danny Mayor rolled back the clock with his first half performance - just like he did at Lincoln and when he came on for the second half at Crawley. If only he could play 90 mins instead of 45 mins - maybe in the near future. Presumably because of his lengthy injury last season ?
  7. mymansoares

    Isn't it about time?

    we would have drawn Huddersfield away as the teams were numbered in alphabetical order for the draw. We would have been ball no 5 and that was drawn away to ball 10 - which would have been Huddersfield
  8. mymansoares

    Fitness a real worry!!!

    we are sadly lacking a Nick Dawes/Lenny Johnrose or dare I say Andy Tutte style of midfielder
  9. mymansoares

    Should we be worried?

    Was thinking last night - could we actually be any worse off if we got rid off all the coaches and went back to just the one manager like in the 70's ? Just think of the money we would save. Do we really need a manager, assistant manager, 1st team coach, goalkeeping coach, fitness coach, etc etc ? It's not like we would finish up near the bottom of league 2 or anything if we got rid of them.........oh wait
  10. mymansoares

    Should we be worried?

    two points I would like to make, firstly to those saying we have enough about us to go down again, Chesterfield fans were saying exactly the same thing last year. Secondly why did we get Barjonas for him to sit on the bench ? I am sure he is loving it. Thirdly, yes I know I can't count, Styles' form has dipped dramatically since his transfer. Will never know why teams sell players and then keep them on loan. It is only human nature that it is going to affect you mentally.
  11. mymansoares


    plus they ran out of pies before kick off......30 point deduction for that IMO
  12. mymansoares

    Forest Green post match

    couldnt work out if we were playing 4-4-2 or 5-3-2 today. It actually looked like we were playing 4 at the back but with a left back and 3 in the middle. We were missing a right back most of the game.
  13. mymansoares

    Forest Green post match

    not too sure about all this passing backwards to keep possession stuff...........if you're near the halfway line with no obvious pass on do you a) turn round and pass back to a defender/keeper who will then hoof it long or b) try and create some pass towards the opposition box. I would always choose B but nowadays it's all about keeping possession and it's becoming bloody boring to all levels.
  14. mymansoares

    Lincoln away Tues 21st Aug

    Cheers Keith, South Park looks the best bet - will try and get there early. What's the best way in to Lincoln at rush hour - from the A1 or from the M180 ?
  15. mymansoares

    Lincoln away Tues 21st Aug

    any street parking ?