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  1. mymansoares

    January Rumours

    you are all missing the bigger picture here - Tommy is being signed for one purpose.....Tranmere (a)
  2. mymansoares

    Lowe to Luton ?

    If Lowe went to Luton now - he still has 2 weeks to come back and steal Mayor/O'Shea et al. Just saying.
  3. mymansoares

    Forest Green away

    that cover looks as much use as a vegan meat pie
  4. mymansoares

    Forest Green away

    apparently it was Derby fans causing the mayhem. My second away game was York in the next round and got a brick through the coach window right next to us. I was soon hooked on away games lol
  5. mymansoares

    Forest Green away

    that was my first ever away game - Luckily I was only young and missed all the carnage, but saw it all unfold
  6. mymansoares

    Forest Green away

    Scunthorpe away in the early 80's was good 'fun' also. We were stood on the terrace behind the goal and you could see around 30 of their fans decide to leave the opposite terrace and slowly walk down the side terrace towards us. Everyone knew what was happening but nobody stopped it !! Eventually they surrounded us but to give them credit they did politely ask us who was 'up for it' first.
  7. mymansoares

    Forest Green away

    was bedlam that day - I checked myself out of hospital the day before against doctors advice so I could go. Very nearly finished up back there !
  8. mymansoares

    Forest Green away

    all the other games in Yorkshire were called off so they all descended on our away end, I heard there were a few Sheff Weds also. It gave us something to sing about for weeks afterwards - how we 'took' Leeds at Halifax (although that wasn't exactly the correct take on it !)
  9. mymansoares

    Forest Green away

    saw virtually nothing of the game, it was all about self-preservation !
  10. mymansoares

    Forest Green away

    I seem to remember 'sharing' the away terrace with some Leeds fans at Halifax in the early 80's.
  11. mymansoares

    January Rumours

    very useful then
  12. mymansoares

    Matchday: Mansfield Town v Bury 26-12-2018

    4-0 Mansfield - not been for years - is the best place to park still the train station behind the away end ?
  13. mymansoares


    likewise - 'Ryan, where is Danny ? - oh, he's signed a deal with another club and they don't want him injured'. Which is why we get the infamous 'he got a slight knock in training'
  14. mymansoares

    Rumour-mill turns again

    2-0 Bury abandoned after 85 mins due to blizzard
  15. mymansoares

    Club sold announcement Monday

    So a day that started with great excitement ends with a lot less excitement and fingers crossed for a happy announcement later in the week. Meanwhile in deepest Devon some local builder trying to eat his dinner is being inundated with texts and phone calls about a football club he allegedly owns.