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  1. mymansoares

    Nottm F

    will be there as well - been told best place to park is at the rugby club as it's opposite the away corner
  2. mymansoares

    Season ticket 2018/19

    The tickets don't need activating if just being used as a season ticket. The season ticket is pre-loaded onto the card. They only need activating if you want to top up funds at some point.
  3. mymansoares

    Season ticket 2018/19

    you need to register it if you want to top it up. If you are just going to use it as a season ticket you are reet
  4. mymansoares

    Season ticket 2018/19

    turns out I was selecting the wrong card type. I was selecting buryfc instead of buryfc july 2018
  5. mymansoares

    Season ticket 2018/19

    I keep getting input error - check card number
  6. mymansoares

    Gold Signs

    was impressed with him at Rangers - thought he was going to be the typical 'stump' of a forward but actually controlled the ball well and made some intelligent runs.
  7. mymansoares

    Liverpool game

    I noticed today on the Liverpool page that they have now been given the Cemmy End as well as the South Stand and MRE. They have about 200 tickets left for the South Stand and 650 for the MRE. Hopefully this is a good business decision to maximise income and that there will still be room in the Main Stand for any Bury fans wanting late tickets.
  8. mymansoares

    Can anyone confirm/deny...

    pretty simple - go to Ibrox and watch the England game on your phone
  9. mymansoares

    673 tickets for Rangers

    Apparently Rangers have sold around 11,000 so far to season ticket holders. Go on open sale tomorrow
  10. mymansoares

    673 tickets for Rangers

    We will get some share of the receipts. Lowey said the game was originally scheduled for Gigg but then they realised about 25,000 Rangers fans would want to see the game so switched to Ibrox.
  11. mymansoares

    673 tickets for Rangers

    the 4000 includes 3000 Liverpool. They have 400 left in the South Stand and approx 1000 left in MRE. Interesting decision coming up about what to do with the Cemmy end........ On a separate note we have sold approx 400 so far for Rangers.
  12. mymansoares

    673 tickets for Rangers

    can't you get someone to get them for you ?
  13. mymansoares

    673 tickets for Rangers

    lots of interest - you will be surprised how quickly they sell
  14. mymansoares

    673 tickets for Rangers

    We have been given 2 of the 3 sections used for away fans. Possibility of another 200/300 if we sell out I believe.
  15. Surely we will sell out ? Season ticket holders can buy Monday, open sale Tuesday