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  1. GenuineLaticsfan.. I respect as a fellow football fan your willingness to contribute a tenner.. to our situation... at that moment..but let's be realistic.. 1/ not many people can drop a ten pound note into a bucket unless you have a decent disposable income..2/you seem to want some kind of appreciation for your gratitude 3/you really couldn't' give 2 shits about Bury Fc cos your team and support was " always way (premiership) superior" to the 'Giggshites ' down the road... so .. please Don't visit this board and tell us how you saved 'my' Club .. looks like 'your' Club has found itself dangling on a financial precipice that you never ever thought would happen... welcome to reality..now please go and sulk at your demise somewhere else ..where you will be appreciated.T.....ser! UTS!
  2. Good to see another ' Fish' pundit on the board...
  3. Time to bring your"tub" and fill it full of seriously good ale...
  4. Lowey must be satisfied with those results... time to get back to full strength for the Grimsby game..
  5. Had a few ales with 'the king' ...Thirsty Fish started to fill up by 3.15ish.. but we were already 'full up'...good to see other fans doing the same..keeping up the Saturday tradition..Beer ..Beer...Beer...Beer..Bury fc ...Beer...Beer...Beer....Beer...Beer..Beer...sleep...
  6. Weather warnings for Saturday... hope it doesn't' t stop the game being played..?
  7. He dipped his toe into managing... but obviously his personal financial status probably made him realise that it's not worth the s..t you get when thing's Don' t work out..he can afford to walk away and earn more money just being ' Paul Scholes' ...
  8. You lot are carping on a bit...would be great if Grimsby get tangled in their own net and we 'batter' them to be nicely perched to enc'roach the Lincoln helm..
  9. Done. .S.ound P.rofessional E.xcellance in E.expression...
  10. I HAVE...the whole of last season...93 minutes of lacklustre t##sers wearing the Bury shirt followed by a minute of queuing for a pee in South Stand bogs ,then 'ecstasy' ...
  11. King C... Will see you hopefully in the 'Parched Perch' next Saturday. ..Everyone is welcome!UTS
  12. They'll try and drag us through the Stevenage mud by being dirty Stevenage scum bags.. but Byron 'floats' on mud... Oshea ' walks' on water.. the lads will be up for it... 4-1 to league 2 s answer to Barca..! Yep..!!still pissed from last night.. UTS!
  13. S of J... put your knitting away in front of that warm coal fire... check your slippers are not on the wrong feet and go to bed... bloody pundits!!
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