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  1. steve f.

    A Message from the Chairman

    Hope his health improves..he really looks like he needs a serious rest.. look after yourself Steve...!
  2. The 6-0 mauling of Huddersfield the year after our 6-0 drubbing... one moment I will never forget!
  3. steve f.

    What a liability Stokes is....

    We all know our frailties at the back... so if WE does Lowe...for F.. sake they're kids!! Time will tell if they evolve....Lowe is attempting to build a team that understandably is way off the finished article...but "What a team!! Please enjoy the moment u miserable pundits!!
  4. steve f.

    Checkatrade draw!

    Barry, concentrate on nappy changing training... forget the final for now... ! You have enough on your plate!
  5. steve f.

    Jealous? Yes!

    12 minutes in the life of a Bury fan ... 1 - 0 up... 33000 Yernited fans at a wake... then bloody Robson comes on....! Never went in his bar again....
  6. steve f.

    Jealous? Yes!

    Cheers Spee...! I remember Liverpool1980 ?, it wasn't Middlesbrough was it( baldy Armstrong).. ? Best one was league cup ..v Leeds ...never ever forget that game...
  7. steve f.

    Next three League games

    Me being a bit ...boring.. I would not be thinking about the NEXT 3 GAMES... just MK....what's the point....?
  8. steve f.

    Where are they all?

    Horwich Wanderers fans. HAD to PAY......5000 did... the other7000 did'nt..!
  9. steve f.

    Lowey on Radio Manchester

    You must be an accountant/ psychopath or just have a milk round to be so assertive...well done you .! .nice homework... I reckon you watch too much match analysis on Match of the Day.. any way.. back to my 'real' world...where's me beer...?
  10. steve f.

    Not Good enough!

    Suppose supporting Bury F C 30 years longer than yourself does officially put me in 'the clown' category... in 30 years from now maybe your ' indoctrination' and 'passion' may make you see the reality of supporting your local team ... or by that time you will be an avid fan of Arsenal playing Barcelona in the Second Division of the 'World' football league in the comfort of your armchair... Kiss my a...!
  11. steve f.

    Not Good enough!

    Hello Ian...understand frustration... story of being a Bury fan.. have a lovely New Year !
  12. steve f.

    Not Good enough!

    Go to the cinema instead .. if you want constant happy endings
  13. steve f.

    Not Good enough!

    The doomwatchers are out in force...!! We got a point!!! UTS!! Please hide all pieces of string, cotton ,wire ,cable ,turn off the water supply so you can't fill the bath and throw in an electric heater.. on top of yourself...? You're breathing... enjoy it why it lasts..!! Miserable f....ers!!..
  14. MY THEORY...Lowey has had to show the Chairman what we have got as playing staff.The Chairman will now wield the axe because he 'trusts' the manager. ( has to). Ryan strengthens his own position by playing certain players not up to scratch (in his opinion ) to give the chairman the reason to get shut in January , the Chair has already stated their will be a wage cull...Styles won't be here...Aimson/Stokes are both not' improving'...Dawson a " slowboat to China" All liabilities....better to play them against decent opposition to show their frailties...imo
  15. There is a song lyric by Don Henley you lot seem to mirror with regards to Ryan and the boy's...." build 'em up ...knock 'em down" repeat..repeat...repeat ...etc...etc.. we are Division Four (league 2?)..,just support the team guys... been a shaker fan since '71.. did expect at the time regular games against the Arsenal and those other 'big' teams...57 years old 47 years later and still waiting...!! We win,lose or draw..chill out have a beer and go to the next match.. enjoy life!!!