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  1. Sadly I'm not sure people like Dale give a toss about public opprobrium. He also knows the EFL don't give a toss either.
  2. If the EFL had a Proper Fit and Person Test, it would consist of references, Bankers Certificate etc PLUS they would have to lodge a bond amounting to at least 3 months staff wages. That way if things go tits up with the owner the staff get paid while its sorted out and, if necessary, new owners are found. The bond to be topped up each season. It might deter a few of the conmen currently sniffing round all League clubs. Problem now is we'd be happy to see anyone take over our club just to get us started next season, and that's not a good position to be in. Beggars, sadly, can't be choosers.
  3. Excellent interview....well done that man...
  4. Halfway through...interesting so far....where's his brother's pub?
  5. From reading this thread I'm to gather that if an Arab or Far Eastern billionaire with a genuinely huge wallet willing to buy Bury FC so long as we allowed a TV crew to document its progress for a season, we would refuse with dignity? We much prefer being wound up. Oh, and could we please go back to the (obviously completely non-corrupt) system where clubs voted for losing clubs year after year in order to preserve a status quo established over 100 years ago? That about right?
  6. I'd just like to see how the current squad fare in League 1. Don't think it will happen though.
  7. I'm afraid that ship has sailed....AND...you can't put that genie back in the bottle. (Two cliches for the price of one....) Football has benefited greatly from selling out to subscription TV. The only problem I have with it is that all the cash is stuffed at the top of the tree, but that's not TV's fault: if the Premier league really cared about "grass-roots" football they could easily increase the trickle-down effect without even noticing it.
  8. Well I'm not sure how winning 13 games on the bounce can really be construed as letting pressure get to them!!! But you're right about Vincent Kompany. Him and Silva and Aguerro have been there donkey's years. Its something we will sadly see less of as players and managers "visit" a club for one or two years then drift off somewhere else. Kompany is a legend at City, still a fine defender, an excellent distributor of the ball and (even rarer) an articulate and intelligent man off the pitch
  9. If we do decide to give Beckford another contract it would have to be on a Pay-as-you-Play basis.
  10. Some controversy among Football historians about which is now the oldest professional team in the League. Stoke or Notts Forest apparently.
  11. Really? Is that speculation or do we know something?
  12. Sad thing was many of the "fans" invading the pitch won't be seen here again until the next bit match. It was a shame. I gave up and left about 10 minutes after the final whistle. Really not sure what the club can do about it though. Idiots will inevitably be idiots and Glory Hounds will be Glory Hounds.
  13. Just switched the I follow commentary off because of an appalling whining noise, I thought it was a poor wifi, then I realised ....it was those awful commentators. What on Earth was that about. BUT THE SHAKERS DID IT AGAINπŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜
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