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  1. Mg75

    Current Injuries.

    Its all long hours and promises at this football club.only the thick supporters are left.
  2. Mg75

    Current Injuries.

    Working long hours or a simple [b][color=red]¿¿¿[/color][/b] off?
  3. It’s not the fact I’m that bothered but it’s a bit worrying that all these have never come off,It seems that every time the chairman gets in front of an audience he seems to have to make up some kind of fantasy to appease gullible supporters.And as a supporter of 42 years this isn’t the club I grew up to love.
  4. And I suppose only a Bury fan could ask where’s the aparthotels? The monthly fans forums? The development of the main stand? The Input of executive boxes at the cemmy end? The new ground? The bistro bar? The improvement of the financial side?
  5. And I bet many on here would do well to pee it up the wall like he has.But yes he can obtain it from somewhere but does anyone know what has been developed structurally by him since he took over?
  6. The Chur couldn’t build a sandcastle.
  7. Mg75

    Chris Maguire to join Sunderland!

    Rumours West Brom are interested in Craig Madden too.
  8. Mg75

    Player Rumours

    Just when you think Sunderland couldn't sink any lower....Hartlepool would be miffed at signing this lazy get
  9. Mg75

    Player Rumours

    Revealing transfer news can be a menace..
  10. Mg75

    New Mascot

    Another 50 should be replicated and made to stand in a bee line in the car park after a derby game.Couldnt do any worse.
  11. Mg75

    Retained List

    He should’ve stayed there.
  12. Mg75

    Here's to you Nathan Cameron!

    A real shame but the right decision.I have never seen a player improve like he did in a small space of time.
  13. Mg75

    Retained List

    Jones will be lucky to fix himself up with another club at any level.Likewise Tutte will struggle to find a league two club.Zeli flattered to deceive and blew hot and cold.
  14. Mg75


    More chance of us signing Pat Sharp
  15. Mg75

    'the players let me down'

    It was Loweys duty to come out and say what he did.He is looked at by supporters as a legend so he gave what they were at least expecting.However he must've known for the whole season what was going on..yet said it at the end of his tenure...the last throw of the dice from the last manager this great season...