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  1. Bury FC vs Southend United

    Surprised with some commenting on how good Southend were...I thought they were poor! There for the taking,Hanson spent way too much time on the pitch.Hate watching hoof ball.
  2. If we do go down!

    Beckford's knee is not in a good way
  3. I dont think we will see Beckford play for us again.
  4. Chris Maguire`s enthusiasm and endeavour

    Dont worry if Ryan was successful with us as a manager he would be off like a shot like he was a as a player.I dont listen to what he says.
  5. Deadline Day

    Its correct to not spend anymore money as this seasons gone.There will be lots of outgoings in the summer yet again.Ripley,Leigh,Thompson,Skarz,Ince,Laurent,Bunn,Danns,Maguire,O Shea,Zeli and Hanson won't be here next season in all probility.
  6. Wouldn't it be good if...

    How about the Manics? If you tolerate this then your children will be next?
  7. Fans Forum with the Chairman - Live Thread

    Needed a break after beating top of the league
  8. Fans Forum with the Chairman - Live Thread

    Its a 110 year plan now..
  9. Fans Forum with the Chairman - Live Thread

    This is what we were told last summer.good job by the way
  10. Fans Forum with the Chairman - Live Thread

    If we haven't given up on staying in league one then why would four or five youth teamers suddenly be good enough
  11. Fans Forum with the Chairman - Live Thread

    Can't wait for the new sports bar and ticket offices.They will look good next to the aparthotels.
  12. Day: Dont make it look obvious but there's a hobbit behind the sofa
  13. My *** DELETED *** pens in me jacket everyone can see that *** MODERATORS NOTE - PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CIRCUMVENTING THE SWEAR FILTER ***
  14. Staff departure

    Do they have bricks in fantasy world?
  15. Lunatic alert

    I think it may take 50+points by the look of the table.I have thought we were down since around seven games back.However we have nothing to lose and could be very dangerous to play against.