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  1. Mg75

    New Mascot

    Another 50 should be replicated and made to stand in a bee line in the car park after a derby game.Couldnt do any worse.
  2. Mg75

    Retained List

    He should’ve stayed there.
  3. Mg75

    Here's to you Nathan Cameron!

    A real shame but the right decision.I have never seen a player improve like he did in a small space of time.
  4. Mg75

    Retained List

    Jones will be lucky to fix himself up with another club at any level.Likewise Tutte will struggle to find a league two club.Zeli flattered to deceive and blew hot and cold.
  5. Mg75


    More chance of us signing Pat Sharp
  6. Mg75

    'the players let me down'

    It was Loweys duty to come out and say what he did.He is looked at by supporters as a legend so he gave what they were at least expecting.However he must've known for the whole season what was going on..yet said it at the end of his tenure...the last throw of the dice from the last manager this great season...
  7. Mg75

    Which Former Shakers

    Andy Hill.Would do better than Edwards.
  8. Mg75

    Day On Gmr

    You mean fakeover
  9. Mg75

    Retained List

    Jones and Tutte should have gone last summer.Sang a total bizarre signing,Ismail to leave for definate..I would keep Dawson and O Shea.
  10. Neither.It will be hard enough to beat Morecambe in our derby fixture next year given our record against them.
  11. Mg75

    I shall miss you lot.

    My thoughts as well.Our derby record on the past few years is terrible.
  12. Mg75

    Who partners Miller....

    Who cares
  13. Mg75

    Next seasons retained list

    Mayor is a good league two player but you feel he’s gone stale and needs a new challenge.
  14. Mg75

    Next seasons retained list

    Its the same old story at the end of a season.A mass clearout being promised by another manager who claim they know what the problem is.The true problem is no connection from carrington to gigg lane.And a chairman who claims this,that and everything but has done very little on his promises side.Its become a club that has many serious problems yet is being shunned by the higher figures at the club.You feel the problem aren’t the players doing,Its many things rolled into one that is the problem.
  15. Mg75

    Player of the season?

    Going back on this,surely this has to be scrapped?