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  1. Yeah, let’s turn down massive gates and fantastic occasions that these players have spent a year earning under horrendously difficult circumstances against the likes of Horwich, Rochdale, Bradford, Sunderland & Portsmouth because Stewart Day is a dick. Makes sense.
  2. Desperately looking to get out after a few months and before the future of the club is anything remotely like assured. Tells you everything you need to know about this bullshitter.
  3. Relax, Uncle A! A point at Tranmere and a thumping win on the final day. Piece of piss. ☺️
  4. 8 goals in 16 games. The bloke is not at fault for being injured ffs.
  5. It should probably be left to the referees discretion really. I understand why it’s there - you don’t want a player starting a riot or causing an unsafe situation where thousands of people are surging forward. But that clearly wasn’t happening here. Even so, the laws left the ref no option. I’d be for the relevant laws being rewritten to allow what happened yesterday as it was clearly completely safe for him to do.
  6. Tbh, I’d rather they abolished the completely nonsensical “yellow for taking your shirt off”. The two schools of thought on which appear to be, it’s either to appease shirt sponsors, or it’s to bend to the will of more “conservative” nations. Either of which isn’t a good enough reason for such a rule for me. As for the Mayor thing - I have no idea about the context behind what he did, but he knew he was going to be booked for it, so it was a pretty silly move really.
  7. I thought their yellow was a borderline red. Aside from that, no issues for me.
  8. Yeah Moore was done a few times back there. Not his fault though - that's not where he's supposed to play. He scared the life out of them at the other end, mind. I like Moore a lot. It's just a shame for him that we don't play a system that naturally fits him.
  9. We've been handed the advantage on a plate today with other results. We cannot allow ourselves to blow it from here! I'd take a point at Tranmere all day. Back to Gigg to confirm it in front of a final day packed house. Bring it on.
  10. Didn't spot you today. Must have lost you in the thronging south stand masses! 😄
  11. Signed back in just to “like” this. Carry on...
  12. O'Shea. He's having the best season of his career playing in a position he's never played in before. That many goals from midfield is ridiculous.
  13. A fantastic human being, the greatest uncle in the world, and someone who I've looked up to my entire life. (R11, not Steve Dale!) 😄
  14. Like I said... Urgh. I give up. I’ll pop back off into my self-imposed exile. Carry on, everyone.
  15. He also said he was “assured of his commitment”. Not picking sides before anyone jumps down my throat - simply stating a fact.
  16. Every team has a best/most skilful player. That has nothing to do with the notion of being a one player team. Keep up. If you're gonna be a sarky arsehole, usually helps to be right.
  17. Not sure I can think of a point when we've been LESS of a one player team! We're scoring for fun for crying out loud. I think Mayor is only about 4th in that list for us too.
  18. Back for me now, but there are clearly problems. He's having to commentate using his mobile and it sounds understandably ropey!
  19. Still a good looking team. We should have enough. iFollow worryingly hasn't kicked in yet for me though...
  20. Even if he does stay fit, my biggest concern is with only half the season left, how long will it take him to get match sharp? That won’t happen overnight. There’s no substitute for minutes. If the injury & fitness concerns do end up being misplaced though, could end up being a masterstroke. Certainly worth the gamble IMO.
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