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  1. Sad! Eastern Puma Declared Extinct

  2. Sad! Eastern Puma Declared Extinct

    Eastern cougars that once prowled North America from Michigan to South Carolina were officially declared extinct and removed from the U.S. endangered species list on Monday, eight decades after the last confirmed sighting of the wild feline predator. Sad, sad news. God only how many beautiful wild beasts we will loose in the coming years?
  3. Cinema / Film thread

    Maybe but I haven't seen the original film so liked it...
  4. 'Adolescence now lasts from 10 to 24'

    Great news...
  5. Cinema / Film thread

    Recently watched 'The Shape of Water' and no doubt that it is great film. I would recommend to all to watch this movie once, it will be full value for money and time.
  6. Cinema / Film thread

    Memento is a good movie for those seeking some suspence thriller.
  7. Pele.

    Well wishes to Pele and wish him speedy recovery.
  8. Hawaii

    Good for the residents I believe...keeps them alert...
  9. Cyrille Regis

    RIP...was a very good player and a great human being.
  10. Phil Brown.

    Well, didn't he see it coming? Simple - to be there, you have to perform.
  11. Trump or Clinton?

    Neither of these two scums...
  12. Today's Birthday

    Happy Birthday..
  13. Christmas A Time For Old Friends.

    Keep it up...
  14. Christine Keeler.

    RIP Keeler.
  15. Ingerland.

    Yea, may be the plan is to look vulnerable and weak and then, pounce on with full energy, who knows.