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  1. They're banned from betting so if he was found out he'd be banned from management and would lose his job, so I suspect it wouldn't be worth the risk.
  2. Everything crossed that this is true
  3. No you don't. Nothing wrong with having one (or not having one), but you don't "need" one to be successful in football
  4. Yes, similar to what happened with the Luton job - he was down to 1/5 I think then back out again. The bloke has an ego (still love him), so I would be surprised if he moved his family down there to drop back to League 2. Personally I think he fancies himself managing at least League 1. I don't think he'll take it but if decent League 1 job comes up he'd be off like a shot (again don't blame him).
  5. Great way to start a Friday morning - thanks
  6. One hopes that if the person is a legit business person, they’re doing proper due diligence, which can take some time. In our case with the closet full of skeletons to sort through I guess it may take even longer than normal. I’m just hoping this “buyer” is as serious as stated and this isn’t Dale clutching at straws or a stalling tactic.
  7. Is the just giving page still open? If so - can you repost and i’ll contribute
  8. Apparently witness statement from Steve Dale being read
  9. The police alone caused things to escalate. Everyone was signing, and dancing, no harm being done to anyone, but as soon as they moved in circling people, with big sticks it gets people's backs up. As someone else said, it kicked off when someone bumped into an officer by accident - they were desperate for an excuse to start hitting people and throwing people out. Absolute disgrace.
  10. Cov away will be nice one for me, although still have nightmares about that drubbing a few years back
  11. This... once O’Connell came on we looked like our usual selves, composed, looking to play football. He definitely altered things. MOM for me.
  12. Might be an idea to tweet Nicola Palios, she seems to be responding to people's questions about tickets, parking etc.
  13. i'm not sure what level of details people expect.
  14. I guess the question is - does he have that money? Based on his statement from the start that he won't be a cash machine, I assume he doesn't have the cash sat there even if he wanted to do pay it off.
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