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  1. Put them padlocks on gate so they can't go UTS
  2. Pity you wasn't so defensive with the staff not being paid UTS
  3. Send it to the judge aswel show him what kind of ---- he will be dealing with
  4. Would you let him look after your beer, saying that ......
  5. David Lee Craig Madden, my hero's
  6. If we ever come out off this, I think we the fans should seriously start thinking putting money into Foreverbury or some other fan group. So god forbid if it does happen again we could have more clout imo
  7. Good morning Ian, if I go down today would they be able too take some asda vouchers off me
  8. What's closed Gigg or Carrington, if Gigg there's no point in going down to give them any dosh 😢
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