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We are pleased to report that at last night’s Forever Bury Board meeting, Glenn Thomas, CEO of Bury Football Club, addressed the meeting and answered questions put to him by the Forever Bury Board members.

Glenn outlined in some detail the plans Bury FC have to make Bury FC sustainable, with a substantial income stream emanating from non football activities.

It will be appreciated that many of the plans and the income forecasts, at this stage must remain confidential, however, of those which are already common place, the use of the stadium for concerts, boxing (including hopefully Scott Quigg), and the development of the stands, are impressive, more importantly, realistic, and are in the advanced planning stages .

Glenn answered questions about the ‘loans’, and the recent David Conn article. He assured us that the loan referred to is about to be repaid, and that any loan on which a charge or interest is noted on the ground will be effected with the best interests of the Club at heart. That is how businesses progress.

Glenn also agreed and committed to a greater role for Forever Bury within the Club, with us working together to increase the profile and image of Bury Football Club, ranging from fans forums to regular meetings of the two Boards, to events hosted by Forever Bury, including greater use of the Social Club, from which figures given, already confirms its increasing popularity.

As said, the fine details of the Board’s plans, which were given, cannot at this stage be made public until they have been put before the shareholders in January then they will be announced shortly afterwards at Forever Bury’s Fans Forums. So expect exciting times for Bury Football Club. But, as always, Forever Bury, the Supporters Trust, will always have Bury FC’s long-term interests at heart .

The Board of Forever Bury thank Glenn Thomas for attending our Board meeting, and for answering some difficult questions, candidly. We look forward to our next formal meeting together next month.

Joy Hart, now a Director of Bury Football Club, will be attending Director’s meetings as your Forever Bury representative, and we are pleased to announce a fans forum at which at least one other Director will be present, and members of the playing staff will be invited. The date has provisionally been pencilled in for 18 February. Watch this space!

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