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Happy Birthday


Famous People born on January 8th:

1742 Philip Astley (creator of the modern circus)

1823 Alfred Russel Wallace (naturalist, independently developed the theory of evolution by natural selection from Charles Darwin)

1870 Miguel Primo de Rivera (Prime Minister of Spain 1923-1930)

1929 Saeed Jaffrey (actor)

1934 Roy Kinnear (actor)

1935 Elvis Presley (singer, actor, "The King")

1937 Shirley Bassey (singer)

1941 Graham Chapman (comedian - Monty Python)

1942 Stephen Hawking (physicist and author)

1947 David Bowie (singer, actor)

1965 Michelle Forbes (actress)

1967 R. Kelly (singer, producer)

1969 Sean Paul (singer)

1980 Rachel Nichols (actress)

1982 Gabby Hoffmann (actress)

1985 Rachael Lampa (singer)

1986 David Silva (soccer player)

January 8th in History:

1198 Innocent III becomes Pope.

1297 Monaco gains independence.

1912 African National Congress founded in South Africa.

1918 US President Woodrow Wilson announces his "Fourteen Points" for ending World War I.

1940 Britain introduces food rationing.

1958 Bobby Fischer, aged 14, wins the United States Chess Championship.

1964 US President Lyndon B. Johnson announces a "War on Poverty"

1971 NASDAQ opens for the first time.

1987 DOW Jones Industrial Average closes for the first time above 2,000.

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