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  2. He was one of the first I tweeted
  3. This is an email I sent to ITV, granada. Dear sirs, yesterday myself and 2 other fans of Bury FC were interviewed by, I think, Mike Minay? So far 2 6pm Granada news have been broadcast but nothing concerning our club. Now, why is it you choose to ignore the desperate plight of one of the most famous north west clubs and show other items including a netball item? We, just like Bolton WFC have had the most unscrupulous owners who have driven us to the point of liquidation with staff and players having to go 2 months without any pay at all. We are still breathing,just, thanks entirely to the dedication of the staff who continued to work under such miserable conditions yet allowed Ryan Lowe and the team, also totally unpaid, to achieve promotion. Of course the millionaires just 10 miles along the M56 get hours of coverage riding on open top bus soaking up the adoration of the fans. We, the fans of the Shakers, started a food bank and store card scheme which has been well supported but we need more local publicity. Are you able to confirm that our time in front of the camera was not in vain please?. Yours hopefully, Ian J McKernan. And this was their reply Dear Ian, Thank you for your recent email regarding ITV News Granada Reports. I am sorry to hear of your recent disappointment. I can confirm that I have forwarded your email to the above newsroom for their information. Should you wish to contact them directly their details are as follows: Email: granada.reports@itv.com Weather: granada.weather@itv.com Telephone: 020 7157 3000 (ask for Granada Reports) Web: http://www.itv.com/news/granada/ May I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to contact us here at ITV Viewer Services. If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards, Hilary
  4. I have been given a second chance and want Bury fc to have one were your word's in your 1st interview Mr Dale. Your conduct in not paying the staff for nigh on 3 month's is a disgrace and seemingly haggling for every last penny you can get to sell, it really look's shabby and desperate. When the local and national press get hold of this story your reputation will be deservedly shredded. Sell up and clear off! I'm so Proud of the Bury players and manager with their dignified conduct.
  5. Thanks for posting this Vinny, it speaks volumes about our players and their /the clubs plight. I am hoping to have our club to support in the future and implore Dale, as the chairman, to resolve this matter as soon as possible and communicate to all, a hopefully satisfactory outcome.
  6. Send it to the judge aswel show him what kind of ---- he will be dealing with
  7. Indeed. But this place takes up enough of my time!!!
  8. So would you if you did Twitter.
  9. Is that a gremlin on Dale's shoulder?😂😟😀🤓😀
  10. We need to bombard as many news organisations as possible with this... Feel free to use these contact addresses/numbers...  BBC SPORT: Form to contact sports desk... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/contact ITN NEWS: Form to contact ITN news... https://www.itn.co.uk/contact-us/ DAILY TELEGRAPH: dtnews@telegraph.co.uk or switchboard 0207 931 2000 THE INDEPENDENT: digitalsport@independent.co.uk or switchboard 0207 005 2000 BBC FIVE LIVE: Ring: 0500 909 693 SMS: 85058 Twitter: @bbc5live TALKSPORT: Studio: 08717 22 33 44 Reception: 0207 782 3000 Text: 81089
  11. Think we only played Stoke once in the early 60s, the home game being where Stoke had to win to go up and we beat them 1-0, their GK O'Neill (who later signed for Bury) cleared the ball and hit George Jones on the back and looped over him into the goal (at the MRE). I think the crowd was getting on for 20 000(!)
  12. If Dale doesn't come clean about the situation at the club by the end of the week I think it's time to up the stakes to the point where he needs to be looking over his shoulder. Enough is enough.
  13. and as a lawyer how come one player has/had an invalid contract? clearly having a legal brain didnt stop that mistake occuring.
  14. Great idea Mark. Who wants to bombard Gary Neville? He has 4 million followers: https://twitter.com/GNev2?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  15. Everyone who is on twitter can tweet this to anyone who they follow adding them in to ask if they will retweet and raise awareness I have already done this with who I follow. If others do the same we can get it trending.
  16. Great work Phil. WE ARE BURY.
  18. I meant more,the shame of their Father/Husband's name being in the media etc.
  19. I may be wrong here. But has he not involved them already, in documents relating to the ground?
  20. I can just see his wife now after all this media coverage saying to him,FFS steve,sell up.I cant put up with the shame.
  21. We need to bombard as many news organisations as possible with this... Feel free to use these contact addresses/numbers... DAILY MAIL: news@dailymail.co.uk or ring switchboard on 020 7938 6000 THE GUARDIAN: David.Conn@theguardian.com or sport@theguardian.com or switchboard 020 3353 2000 THE TIMES: switchboard 020 778 25000 or home.news@thetimes.co.uk or sportletters@sunday-times.co.uk More to follow...
  22. I' ve just emailed FB.... Following the players statement, please would it be possible to have an equally robust fans statement. I feel we need to publicly support the players as a fan base and of course bring shame on those responsible. If others feel the same perhaps they could email FB, to show they have the consensus of the fan base. If FB are unwilling and maybe unable to respond could we perhaps co ordinate a response from the message board again.
  23. Sadly I'm not sure people like Dale give a toss about public opprobrium. He also knows the EFL don't give a toss either.
  24. Have sent a text to the Mirror see what come from that
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